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Neil Zaza - Melodica (CD)

Neil Zaza
by Panagiotis Koutsompogeras at 07 March 2005, 4:36 AM

The virtuoso's dream for technical perfection, vivid imagination, structural discipline and passionate creation comes true when albums like Neil Zaza's Melodica come out! From the first chords Neil manages to make us feel fine, our spirit elevates and some of life's worries are left behind! In a time where every clone of Satriani or Vai makes his own way by trying to get distinguished amongst others, Neil makes his own route and continues in his own melodic path he carved on his own.
However you may need certain amount of time to decipher Neil's intention and true scope! Just close your eyes and let your heart and ears guide you! But once you arrive at Neil's magical destination and all the truth has been revealed you will not wish to come back from this sonic excursion! As it is known and it has been incorporated in his musical approach Neil makes extensive use of major scales in his playing which makes the songs sound very airy, he allows them to breath and in this way he can approach the listener with much easiness. If you wanna make an erotic confession to somebody and you don't know which exact words to use, just put this CD on and everything else will flow out of your mind and heart very easily! If you also are a Satriani / Vai fan you will have the time of your life with this CD. With his distinctive music and his own sound both in his tone but also in his approach of songwriting he makes it through to carry on his melodic history from the past until nowadays! He has also made quite many electronic beat additions in some parts of the songs which makes them sound more fresh and more up to date. Eastern melodies found in songs such as Across The Sands motivate the listener to go a bit further and start a trip into his internal soul. Extra Rock funky feelings can come out of songs such as Forgot To Make Her Mine and give you extensive sonic pleasure!
There is a song called Rena, probably written for someone very close to the heart of Neil and I wish I could have composed something so unique, warm and beautiful for someone close to my heart! We can also add that if certain songs were just a bit shorter they might have managed to attract more easily the listener.
Top tracks include (it's really hard to leave some out), This Time, As I Go Before You, Ship Of Dreams, Across The Sands, Everything About You amongst others.
Would you like to make a new sonic friend? Trust your heart and senses and go bite Neil's Melodica right now while inspiration still flows free!

4 Star Rating

On With The Show        
This Time        
All My Life        
As I Go Before You        
Ship Of Dreams        
I Can See Miracles        
Across The Sands        
Very Important Cat Things        
Everything About You        
Forgot To Make Her Mine        
Neil  Zaza - Guitars
Doug Johns - Bass
Bill Ciose - Drums
Mark Leach - Hammond
Record Label: Mascot Records


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