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Neonfly - Outshine The Sun Award winner

Outshine The Sun
by Angela "MetalDancer" van der Kreeft at 10 July 2012, 11:20 AM

NEONFLYis a British band that’s formed in 2008 who recently released their debut album “Outshine The Sun” throughRising Records. A Heavy Metal album with a Power and Progressive Metal touch that’s fast, familiar, relaxed, fresh and catchy. Guess I did get lucky again with my album pick to review, because I really enjoyed listening to NEONFLY and their debut album “Outshine The Sun”.

A new band that does sound familiar due the many bands the band’s influenced by is not new, but a new band that sounds familiar, powerful, refreshing and unique at the same time is. New bands do have a tendency to sound a bit messy due to the search of their own sound. Well with NEONFLY I have stumbled upon another new band that has found their sound already and who are not afraid to stand there steady as a heavy metal rock and show what kind of music they’re in and what they’re capable of.

Well NEONFLY is very capable to stand tall inside the music they’ve created for “Outshine The Sun”. Not only did I find spirit and team players, I also found chemistry and passion between the music lines they’re playing. Guitars, drum and bass are solid and skilled to drive the fast moving train they’re in, not afraid to hit the brakes when they have to, ready to hit full speed again as soon they’ve passed the station. And as a real bonus, the clear voice vocalist Willy Nortonis very pleasant to listen to and gives this album an extra dimension, due the way he’s moving inside the tracks of their train.

NEONFLYdid more than just an excellent job with their debut album “Outshine The Sun”. Every song on this album can stand on its own and shine, while at the same time they’re a journey together that leads fast through the sound created sceneries with a lightheartedness that gives this album also a bit of a happy metal feel. Still… that doesn’t mean that they don’t sound sincere and passionate, because they do, but they also created room to keep up the spirit and be happy despite the sceneries of broken wings, enemies and spitting blood.

For this review I played this album all day in repeat without getting tired, annoyed or bored.

4 Star Rating

 1. Broken Wings
 2. The Enemy
 3. Ship With No Sails
 4. A Gift To Remember
 5. The Revenant
 6. The Ornament
 7. Reality Shift
 8. Spitting Blood
 9. Morning Star
 10. The Messenger
 11. I Think I Saw A U.F.O
Willy Norton - Vocals
Frederick Thunder - Guitars
Patrick Harrington - Guitars
Paul Miller - Bass
Boris Le Gal - Drums
Record Label: Rising Records


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