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Neorhythm - Terrastory Award winner

by Craig Rider at 22 March 2020, 11:20 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: NEORHYTHM; independently unsigned, hailing from Russiam grounds - performing Groove Metal, on their sophomore album entitled: "Terrastory" (released 20/03/2020).

Since formation in 2018; the duo in question have an EP entitled: "Meoteric Thoughts" (released 28/11/2019), and 2 full-length studio albums…the first being "Zetetic" (released 18/06/2018) & this here second release entitled: "Terrastory". A concept album with themes covering the 4.5 billion year history of Planet Earth, all thought provoking indeed. 11 tracks ranging at around 43:13; NEORHYTHM arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Groove Metal developments. The 2:07 introduction "Mirovia" begins the record; tick-tocking away in a mesmerizing soundscape of clockwork harmonies, amalgamated with a tight yet punchy melody until "Photosynthesis and Its Aftermath" captures amplified adrenaline & boistrously bouncy crunchiness. Forging a dark yet progressively technical tempo that grooves into a borderline foundation of uniquely versatile vehemence – manifesting meticulous grinds and a barraged frenzy of riveting riffs that chug into a galloping blend of immense intensities.

Consisting of Telkw on vocals; the frontman demonstrates a clean but deadly fabrication of gnarly cords, culminated with raspy throatiness & meaty yells that scream with profusely robust substance. Organically solidified with outrè panache, quintessential virtuosity & grunty growls for good measure. "Milken Step of Humankind" implements evolutionary complexity; diligently detailed finesse & dynamically dextrous nimbleness, showcasing rapidly swift shreds with ripping soars from instrumentalist Mag. Elementing diverse chunkiness with seamlessly sonic roars, revolved around a monstrous slab of vibrantly quirky snappiness & killer jumpiness nailing it fiercely with rocketing ramifications, polished potency and fluidly frantic sound production expertise. "Fight For Fire" harnesses blistering firepower, creative craftsmanship & gritty momentum - primitively striking rawly rough pandemonium with thunderous pursuits of steely precision while juxtaposed with distinctively distinguished songwriting musicianship of other worldly proportions.

"Zeus Rules!" excels into an experimental embellishment of weighty yet prodegiously wonderous trailblazing majesty. Subjugating salubriously rambunctious drum hammering, and an adroit aesthetic of pummelling haste converging dimensional hybrids of flamboyantly inventive audibility. Injecting infectious dosages, contrasting energetic rampency with stampeding stability while fusing alternative hymns battering thumpy remedies that pummel into an enriching vibe of moody savagery. "Empire Glory" pulsates with relentless varieties; while phrasing planetary visionaries, pounding synthesized systematics of revving fretworks compile consistently crushing breakdowns elementing a persistent perseverence of wildly rushing hooks and gripping yet venomously razor-sharp but volatile outbursts overarch prestigiously proficient synergies that provide potentially talented imagination and techniques.

"The Critique Of Dark Reason" explores monolithic tales of the middle ages, elaborating a groundbreaking arsenal of lacerating euphonics and a constructive consonance of mandatory mayhem merging mellifluous malignance with some sulphurously blast-beating chaos - blitzed into a catchy but hardened enlightenment of weighty extremity. "Sapere Aude" is a blugdeoning mass of malevolent warfare; pumping out massively efficacious impacts, bulldozing like an annihilating barbaric machine stomping the ground into a scattering penetration of uzing oozes of rumbling rocks and havoc. "Global Mayhems" investigates more remorseful tribulation; thrashing with strapping yet ritualistic transparency, surging symbolic math metal miscellany and an omnium gatherum of unprecedented ultimatums.

The penultimate track: "Information Age" seems like a nod to the old-school premise yet modernized with this noisy tremolo tremble to it, established with polyrhythmic quakes and a remarkably sophisticated kick of brutal acquisition calamities - triggering passionately-driven ideas that remind me of some GOJIRA fused influences mixed with SOULFLY and a little bit of RAMMSTEIN here and there. Overall concluding "Terrastory" with the finale song: "Anticipations"; I am compelled to say that this was indeed a certainly explosive discovery, and exceeded all original expectations for sure. It is a backstory of sorts, explaining how Earth itself started out - from the origin of the Star to the present day. It's a distractingly atmospheric album and all fans of metal should relish this one, NEORHYTHM most definitely deserve attention I'm sure - worth the listen!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Mirovia
2. Photosynthesis and Its Aftermath
3. Milken Step of Humankind
4. Fight For Fire
5. Zeus Rules!
6. Empire Glory
7. The Critique Of Dark Reason
8. Sapere Aude
9. Global Mayhems
10. Information Age
11. Anticipations
Mag – Instruments, Music
Telkw - Voices, Words
Record Label: Independent


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