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Neosis - Self Titled

Self Titled
by Angela “MetalDancer” Van Der Kreeft at 21 May 2012, 8:43 PM

NEOSIS stands for New Evolution Of Society Influenced by Scientism. That’s a mouth full and so does their music sound. Full…. Of fast moving chaos lines that do connect, but that are not tied enough together yet to put down a solid ground to walk on. NEOSIS and theirSelf-titled debut album‘s released through SAOL Music early April and includes a mix of genres like Progressive, Experimental, Industrial, Death, Speed and Heavy Metal, just to name a few.

Mixing genres and being inside the mixed genres can be two different things. The Self-titled debut album from NEOSIS shows a lot of potential and talent, but that they are quite new to this does show too, but then again mixing that many genres does not only ask talent, musical skills and potential, it also does ask quite some experience and that takes time and practice. The genre mixture and the spacy sounds don’t create per definition a futuristic sphere. A chaos of genres can take away the power of the genres, the power of the lyrics, vocals, drum, bass, guitars and every other instrument that plays along. That happens on several songs on the album.However there are also songs on the album that already do sound from the inside and that are solid enough to stand on, where there’s a balance found between clean and dark voices, screams, rhythms, styles and attention for each other.

“Neosis” contains skilled players, to hear inside funky bass lines, fast drums, ragging guitars and their use of clear voices combined with dark voices and spacy sounds. They might have not yet reached the New Evolution Of Society Influenced by Scientism sound, but I have no doubt that they will. The album has power and the ability to touch, even though it’s still a bit shattered, it does hold strong moments inside different songs.

NEOSIS’s self-titled debut albumis a bit of a chaotic tour through a scale of genres, but does show a lot of skill and potential to grow inside their mix of genres. The shown skills and potentials inside the songs already made that this album can handle my repeat button.

3 Star Rating

1. Everlasting Mind Collapse
2. Unwilling Fate
3. Worship Mindset
4. The Deconstruction Of Reality
5. Euhemerism
6. Supremacy Design
7. Fragmentary Alternation
8. Chronic Absolutism
9. The New Paradigm
10. Cerebral Helix
Greg Anxionnaz – Guitars / production
Tom Götz - Vocals
Did Bender - Bass
Anthony Cohen - Drums
Record Label: SAOL Music


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