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Nephren-Ka - The Fall Of Ominus

The Fall Of Ominus
by Rebecca Miller at 03 October 2013, 4:37 PM

“The Fall Of Omnius” is the debut full length album from French Death Metal band NEPHREN-KA. Fans of NILE may recognize the band name from their debut album “Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka” but whilst the band may be admirers of them, they’re not copycats.

It’s pretty much everything you’d want from a Death Metal album – brutal, fast paced and based on an epic story (Dune). It never really lets up, but it’s well put together, so you don’t feel overwhelmed by it all. Death Metal by its nature is technical, but it’s not always easy to get it right, and it can sometimes seem like a mess of noise, but NEPHREN-KA definitely get it right and the album definitely lives up to the story that it is based on. NEPHREN-KA have only had one release prior to this – an EP entitled “Revenge And Supremacy”, which was out in 2010. So to release an album of this caliber as their first full length, it brings an extra level of impressive into it. They might be a young band, but they don’t sound like they’re young. The production values on this are very high, which isn’t surprising considering they recorded “The Fall Of Omnius” in the same studio that BEHEMOTH have used in the past. It’s got a very clear sound, which I think helps distinguish all the instruments within the fast paced madness.

And talking about the instruments, the technical side of this album is extremely good. The guitars grab your ears and scream in your face, and the drums make your head bang seemingly of its own accord. The vocals are guttural, and gravelly, and complement the music brilliantly. They might not be bringing anything new or groundbreaking to the genre, which of course is very difficult nowadays, but they certainly know what they need to do in order to impress. It’s not an album that’s going to make anyone to convert to being a Death Metal fan, but it’s a solid fan for those who already like this type of music, and definitely worth a listen.

NEPHREN-KA deserve to gain a lot of new fans with this release, and I’m sure they will. For all of you out there who like this genre, then definitely give “The Fall Of Omnius” a reply, it definitely won’t disappoint you.

3 Star Rating

1. Butlerian Djihad
2. Mastering The Voice
3. Legend of Selim (Pt. 1: The Seeds Of Discord)
4. The Rise Of Omnius
5. Feydakins Storm
6. The Cymek Revolution
7. Legend Of Selim (Pt. 2: The Return Of The Worm Rider)
8. Praise Shai-Hulud
9. To The Golden Path
Laurent Chambe – Vocals
Sébastien Briat – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Alexandre Phalippon – Bass, Backing Vocals
Thibaud Pialoux - Drums
Record Label: Kaotoxin Records


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