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Nephylim - Severance of Serenity Award winner

Severance of Serenity
by Laura Glover at 27 January 2020, 11:11 PM

Formed in 2015, NEPHYLIM, a Dutch Melodic Metal band releases their first full length album January 18, 2020, "Severance of Serenity". This band was formed with Cezary van der Veen as their front man, who tragically lost his life in an accident in the Summer of 2019. Thus, the current lineup was created and they were able to produce and release the new album. Considered an improvement from their first EP, this album instantly caught my attention. Very similar to AS I LAY DYING and other hardcore bands; this is an album with some melodic glory, lush blast beats, and growly and unclean vocals. Easily an instant addition to my playlist.

"Reminiscence" - With its soft, synthesized piano entry this song captures you, "hook, line, and sinker". It is a bit like riding glorious waves of sunlight into the warmth of a cozy embrace. "Forsaken"- Blast beats with melodic background showcase Tijn Bosters heavy and dark, unclean vocals. With touches of several different genres of metal in here, there is a bit of something for everyone in this song. Heavy, hard hitting, fast, yet soft in places with subtle synth in the background. "Vanquish the Sepsis" - Dives right into its dark depths. Artfully played guitar, bass, drums make this song live up to its powerful name. I really feel Boster’s vocal prowess is going to be a favorite of many of yours, the power behind it matches the powerfully written musical composition to create a truly awesome piece of metal.

"Aftermath" - Swept away by its swift chords, into rivers of melodic waves. Rising and falling, finally settling on being led by its commanding lyrics. Led on a journey of all that is Melodic Death Metal. I really, really dig the guitar in this song! "Reassurance" - Beautifully plucked acoustic guitar notes welcome us to this track. Slowly building tension with its aching anticipation. Synthesized piano rolling us into a dreamlike state, where you can feel this songs prompt end dump you heartlessly into the next track. "The Bitter Inheritance" - After the emotional buildup of the last song, this song is release. The softness dumps you promptly into a soul shaking outburst of powerfully emitted vocal thrusts. Like a long, soft kiss followed by the resulting buildup and release of slamming against the wall amidst said kiss.

NEPHYLIM is amazing. As simple as I can put it. I absolutely loved this album and wish all albums were so easy to listen to when reviewing. I definitely recommend checking “Severance of Serenity” out. There is a little something for all of us here. From the softest, melodic ones amongst us; to the hardened, black metal ones amongst us.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Reminiscence
2. Forsaken
3. Vanquish  the Sepsis
4. Aftermath
5. Fractured Existence
6. Reassurance
7. The Bitter Inheritance
8. Dust Veiled Sky
9. Eye of the Storm
10. Remembrance
Tijn Bosters - Lead Vocals
Kevin van Geffen - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Martin Paauwe - Drums
Ralph Lentink - Guitars
Rens van de Ven - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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