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Neptune - Prelude To Nothing

Prelude To Nothing
by Lateishah Schultz at 19 June 2014, 5:46 PM

NEPTUNE is a Melodic Death Metal band hailing from Italy. The album is kicked up with an acoustic intro in “Leaving The Organic Age.” The second track, “Of Courage and Honor” changes the sound completely and the melodic death roots show.

I believe that the release overall was not to the bands maximum potential as the mixing was intentionally…different and brought down the energy of the album. The mixing and mastering were the main downfalls. I did find every other factor of the release more exciting and decent.

This was a typical sounding Melodic Death Metal album with just a few different elements. Needless to say, I wasn’t extremely impressed.

3 Star Rating

1. Leaving the Organic Age
2. Of Courage and Honor
3. Lost In A Lie
4. Extinction
5. Last Silent Riot
6. Renaissance
7. Rampage of Vengeance
8. In Collision
9. Drifting
10. Future Deliverance
11. Healthy Downgrave
Mattia Nidini – Vocals
Mattia Filippi – Guitar
Claudio Giacometti – Guitar
Francesco Adami – Bass
Corrado Zoccatelli – Drums
Record Label: Earthquake Terror Noise


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