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Nergard - Memorial For A Wish Award winner

Memorial For A Wish
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 12 August 2013, 12:31 PM

There have been plenty of cases throughout history when justice was served as blind, when the lady shed blood from her eyes, once innocents lost their lives for nothing. Amidst the world of imagination, there have been various examples of injustice, wrongful judgement and questionable rulings, a number of them awfully shocking with their magnitude. The mind of once a colleague of mine on Metal Express Radio, Andreas Nergard, seemed to had worked overtime in order to accumulate strong emotions of inner guilt, disillusionment, utter frustration, loss, anger, solidified hate but also affection, adoration, love and longing. These selections of poignant comportments were bred to existence over his debut conceptual foundation of “Memorial For A Wish”, released via Battlegod Productions. Generally, and I will be brief concerning the story, it is a travel back to the 19th century in Ireland, a person is falsely accused of theft, sentenced for two decades of imprisonment and hard labour, leaving behind a pregnant wife. While imprisoned, his longing for freedom and his wife consumed him. After his release, his world came down upon him once finding out that his wife died while giving birth to his daughter. With his tragedy, he finds out that he is alone in the world with his friends turning their backs at him. At the end of the road, he takes his own life due to endless sorrow and despair in a shattered world. That is the price of untruthful justice, dear folks.

Combined with the well written storyline, which was unravelled as quite theatrical and melodramatic, Nergard also attributed quite a musical / opera equal production, laying the grounds for an exciting gathering of Metal in progression to the side of AOR and stints of Hard Rock extensions. It will appear quite certain that Nergard’s efforts, in terms of production and engineering, didn’t match the bombastic Metal operas of AVANTASIA, though what came to light was neither lesser in its impact. “Memorial For A Wish” at times proclaimed incredible prolific compositions that resembled, and to several extents matched, the likes of early productions of DREAM THEATER (like “Scenes From A Memory”), SYMPHONY X, later KAMELOT and PAGAN’S MIND, hitherto also departing from the Metal dominions into vivacious and impassioned 80s AOR similar to JOURNEY, YES and NIGHT RANGER among others. As you probably noticed, whether from the list of musicians on the line up section or from various of news feeds and articles, Nergard, other than handling the drums, keyboards and bass roles, was able to assembled a respected, and quite diverse, roster of musicians to his melodic venture. The majority of those distinguished artists are veteran vocalists of the highest order, and highly skilled guitarists, along with the vocalist from his Prog Metal band RUDHIRA.

“Memorial For A Wish” was a journey through rage and comfort, picturing scenes of a wide range of places, hopes and dreams but also failures and frustrations. I felt emotionally entwined with the music that just kept flourishing, providing harshness, progressive passages, hooking keyboards, heavy darkened riffing yet also flickers of mesmerising softness, and neo-classic oriented soloing by a duo of guitarists so enriched with shred mastery. The songs, even the lengthy epics like “Angel” and “Requiem”, which were also the album’s best, didn’t tire with their assorted procedures, still not that complex verses and playing styles, and kept a fine amount of suspense that spiced up the storyline. Observing deeper into the course of the songs, the vocal production came as the winner. Though there were two songs, “Hell On Earth” (Mike Vescera) and “A Questions Of God” (Tony Mills), that demonstrated the skills of a single frontman, the featured vocal harmonies and additional voices, were divine. Within the multi vocal tracks, it was a mere heaven, especially on the last two enhancing gems. I haven’t heard such intensity of melodic singing in a while; it was a stunning event and bliss to my ears, a golden operatic feel. Frankly, I am having a hard time describing my appreciation of this release even further, so I will let get the hang of it on your own. I believe that Nergard’s work on “Memorial For A Wish”, following the participation and contribution of his peers, should be known and acknowledged, certainly one of the most impressive Progressive Metal works and surly one of the chief Metal operas to date.

4 Star Rating

1. Twenty Years In Hell
2. A Question Of God
3. Is This Our Last Goodbye
4. Hell On Earth
5. An Everlasting Dreamscape
6. Nightfall
7. Angels
8. Requiem
Andreas Nergard – Composer / Drums / Bass / Keyboards
Age Sten Nilsen – Vocals
Ralf Scheepers – Vocals
Goran Edman - Vocals
Mike Vescera – Vocals
Nils K. Rue – Vocals
Michele Luppi – Vocals
Andi Kravljaca – Vocals
David Reece – Vocals
Tony Mills – Vocals
Ole Martin Moe Thornes – Vocals
Sunniva Unsgard - Vocals
Helge Engelke – Guitar Solos
Stig Nergard – Guitar Solos
Record Label: Battlegod Productions


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