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NeroArgento - Land Of Silence Award winner

Land Of Silence
by Andrew Harvey at 19 December 2022, 5:58 AM

This one man band comes from the city of Turin, Italy and is foremost a highly talented multi-instrumentalist as he previously played bass guitar in a pop rock group. He also played drums in melodeath band and played guitar but sang also in a punk rock band. He has released a grand total of five albums to date including; his debut album THREE HOURS OF SUN in 2011, followed by his sophomore album UNDERWORLD in 2013, his third album which was ONE AGAINST ALL in 2016 and of course during uncertain times with a global pandemic in 2020, his fourth album titled CIRCLES. This certainly achieved success as it was positioned at #10 in the Itunes Top 200 Italy Rock Charts. Interestingly enough NEROARGENTO did previously work as an actor and model where he appeared on Vogue Italy magazine plus the numerous press releases on fashion or lifestyles.

He once said that his music could be described as a sound that the five words being used to relate to his music were; contamination, crossover, heavy, melodic and groovy. This is such an appropriate description and even his songwriting process is original. So now he has a new album out titled LAND OF SILENCE which contains ten brand new tracks so let’s get straight into it. The intro track titled “The Way I Am” brings a computerized sound of industrial metal as drum beats kick the track to life. Vocals stutter as they are clear and follow a high end range and the bursts of growling grotesque. This track makes a good impression with those heavy guitars and drop kick drum patterns punching through.

“You Killed Me” comes soon after industrial sound effects burn and seep through as unnatural sounds rise up and make their presence known. Drums are heard but then follow an electronic diffused rhythm as we hear electronic drum beats in addition. Guitar has its own section to lead and drums rejoin to lead vocals back in as we head into the next track. “The Nameless One” fishes in a deep wave of electronic sound effects with wide dynamics and vocals do stutter again as the voice ventures into varied tuning. There is definitely a pattern in motion and it is very effective. “From The Nightmare” has a hardcore sound with electronic sound effects setting the tone for this track as vocals or guitar dominating. Vocals express the jealous rage and fun it is having even a short breather to allow the virtual sounds continue with percussive elements.

“Daybreak” with Dj scratches and looped guitar riffs as screamer vocals drop in like a time bomb. Then a techno on electronic verse is heard with clean vocals then back into heavy industrial with exploding drums as vocals show their true colours with contrast and dynamics. A breakdown led by vocals and accompanying instrumentation takes us into the next track “Land Of Silence” has a more trimmed back approach not as loud but has a more techno-trance rhythm. But the drums do kick in towards the end of the track as we approach the next track from this mellow sixth track. “Justify Your Own Weakness” as a synthesized sound effect introduces the drums and vocals which join soon after. A more uplifting pitch rise in keyboard sounds and drums that have that electro-industrial vibe with hints of hardcore rock in there too.

The track ends with rhythmic movements by drums and repetitive vocal gasps as we go into “I Won’t Disintegrate” The never-ending industrial sound is evident in vocals as the change tone and drums contribute to the key notes that define this track. A short crescendo continues the track through pounding vocal and drum duet sections with those digital sound effects in the background. “Run Away, Walk Away” is smooth and runs on a different sound with electro-pop and technically enhanced drums that stay in the passenger's seat as the vocals or keys are the ignition of this track. Finally the tenth and grand finale of this album is “Far From Me” as it eases in with bouncing synth effects and a percussive intro the drums kick into full throttle.

Vocals do go on an emotional journey of talking of personal themes in the lyrics as intensity increases with drums, possibly low toned guitars too. A mini drum solo then leads to full on industrial insomnia to end the album on a positive note. Overall I am excited and delighted to have such a talented solo one man band to listen to. Since NEROARGENTO listed the likes of; LINKIN PARK, THE RAMONES, NIRVANA, LOVE & DEATH AND MOTIONLESS IN WHITE, it is no wonder this has made this album unique. Simply fantastic and top class in terms of arrangement and production.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. The Way I am
2. You Killed Me
3. The Nameless feat. Internalizer
4. From The Nightmare
5. Daybreak
6. Land Of Silence feat. Vicio
7. Justify Your Own Weakness
8. I Won’t Disintegrate
9. Run Away, Walk Away
10. Far From Me
NeroArgento - Vocals, Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars, and Drums
Record Label: Rockshots Records


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