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Nervochaos – All Colors Of Darkness Award winner

All Colors Of Darkness
by Thomas Kumke at 20 February 2022, 11:43 PM

Brazilian Death Metal icons NERVOCHAOS recently had their 25th anniversary and they release with “All Colors Of Darkness” their 10th full-length album. Beside this, they also have one EP and one live album to their name. “All Colors Of Darkness” was mixed and mastered by Brendan Duffey and it has a length of approximately 33 minutes. The album was released by Danish label Emanzipation Productions which is specialized in Extreme Metal.

Many things have changed in the NERVOCHAOS camp over the years. From the original line-up, only drummer Eduardo Lane is still with the band. Guitarist Quinho had an earlier five year’s spells with the band before rejoining in 2019. For all other members, “All Colors Of Darkness” is the second album with NERVOCHAOS. However, there is one thing which remains constant over all the years: the traditional Death Metal sound of NERVOCHAOS. The band never experimented with their music, they always delivered raw and authentic Death Metal inspired by the North and South American school.

The Death Metal assault starts with “Wage War On The Gods”, a mixture between a fast pace pummelling with dark guitar riffing and plenty of aggression and mid-tempo breaks. The growling vocals are around the medium to low end of the guttural range, and they are occasionally intensified by additional background vocals. The sound is very direct and comes straight to the point without adding a big deal of technicality. “Golden Goblet Of Fornication” continues with that approach despite including an extended and very contributing lead guitar solo at the end of the track. The vocals have more diversity by including a few higher pitched screams. In “Dragged To Hell” and “Beyond The Astral”, all hell breaks loose. The tempo is insane, so is the guitar riffing, the drumming, and the vocals. The structure of “Dragged To Hell” is pretty chaotic with quick changes between parts at breakneck speed and mid-tempo grooves. The vocals are predominantly multi-layered with high screams added to the low growls and to the low clean vocals. The mid-tempo parts include a few Hardcore vibes. “Dragged To Hell” is the official video release and the YouTube link is given below. “Beyond The Astral” is slightly more structured and the riffing has a bit of catchiness. The driving elements are the crunching bass lines.

All Colors Of Darkness” starts with a mid-tempo intro, before the madness continues. One feature of the album becomes evident here and this is the overly hectic guitar riffing with the vocal lines following the chaos, in particular during the middle part of the track. The added screams intensify the sound, and then, out of nowhere, a fast paced lead guitar solo is added. “Gate Of Zax” is very similar in terms of the textures and the general approach, but it adds a bit more catchiness to the mid-tempo part and the vocals have once again a lot of Hardcore vibes.

At times, NERVOCHAOS add a few SEPULTURA inspired riffs like at the beginning of “Umbrae Mortis”. Another feature of the album is that they do not stop with the chaotic bludgeoning of the listener, but it never becomes repetitive. Now and then, a lead guitar solo is added at the right time like at the end of “Umbrae Mortis”. In “Suffer In Seclusion” and “Camazotz”, the structures are again different and there are plenty of switches in tempo. “Camazotz” sounds even faster than the other songs on the album, with the riffing, the bass lines, the drumming, and the vocals sounding more brutal compared to the rest of the album. The album closes with a cover of THE MISFITSDemonomania” and a surprise: the folky and bluesy cover of “Three Shades Of Black” by HANK 3. It is the NERVOCHAOS interpretation of the track and a NERVOCHAOS way to end the album.

All Colors Of Darkness” is an excellent Death Metal album. NERVOCHAOS demonstrate that their sound is not a stereotype in an overcrowded traditional Death Metal genre. Their sound is unique, not repetitive, and most importantly, it is diverse particularly in terms of the details with plenty of subtle changes across the tracks. The songwriting is very mature, and the album is very well produced. “All Colors Of Darkness” show that the listener gets high value from NERVOCHAOS. Death Metal fans can look forward to hearing the new songs at insane live shows this year.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  9
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. Wage War On The Gods
2. Golden Goblet Of Fornication
3. Dragged To Hell
4. Beyond The Astral
5. All Colors Of Darkness
6. Gate Of Zax
7. Umbrae Mortis
8. Suffer In Seclusion
9. Camazotz
10. Demonomania
11. Three Shades Of Black
Brian Stone – Vocals
Woesley Johann – Guitars
Quinho ­ Guitars
Eduardo Lane – Drums
Pedro Lemes – Bass
Record Label: Emanzipation Productions


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