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NervoChaos - The Art Of Vengeance Award winner

The Art Of Vengeance
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 18 August 2014, 6:41 PM

And Brazilian Death Metal kings are back again, after 2012’s “To The Death” and 2013’s “17 Years of Chaos” (a box set with a documentary about the band’s history). Yes, São Paulo’s NERVOCHAOS is back to the front with a new album, “The Art of Vengeance”.

The band’s style is the same since their beginning: Death Metal the simple way, inspired by the scenes from Florida and Sweden, but now, they appear in a more clean way of sounding, for the band got a great improvement in terms of technique, a fruit from the line up stabilized since 2010. But to older fans from their work, don’t be worried: the band is the same from before, just a bit more evolved and near for future battles. Guiller’s vocals still the guttural (but with some high pitches here and there), and he and Quinho forms a compact and strong guitar duo, Felipe bass technique is even better than presented on “To The Death”, and the veteran Edu on drums shows some new tricks on his technique (he still plays hard and fast, but with some tempo changes in the middle of songs). The great evolution is from musical arrangements, who were done and worked pretty cautiously.

The sound production from Alex Azzali (Who worked previously with ANCIENT, MORTUARY DRAPE, IMAGO MORTIS, and many others), with the sound engineering done by Felipe Eregion (vocalist/guitarist from UNEARTHLY) and Daniel Escobar (guitarist from SAVANT and VOCIFERAX) gave a new approach for NERVOCHAOS work, sound more clean and dry, but still heavy as Hell and brutal as always. And the artwork done by Marco Donida (guitar player from MATANZA, ENTERRO and HELLSAKURA) is pretty simple, rescuing the influence from earlier Death Metal albums’ artwork from the 90’s.

12 perfect songs awaits us all, but the better moments of the album are the brutal “The Harvest” (a more traditional song for the band, but some great arrangements arise here and there), “For Passion Not For Fashion” (where the musical evolution is more perceptible, especially on drums and vocals), “The Devil’s Work” (with a not so fast tempo, where bass and guitars are extremely fine), the bitter “From Below and Not Above” (a slower song with great work from bass), “Shadows of Destruction” (with some kind of Swedish Death Metal influence, and great arrangements on bass and drums), the more traditional and with touches from Thrash Metal “Legacy of Pain”, and their personal version for HEADHUNTER D.C. song “Lightless”.

And there’s a bonus: a DVD, called “Warriors on the Road II”, with a documentary for “To The Death” tour full of great moments, and some hilarious ones (the Argentina’s shows are the best, so see this part. Even your Big Daddy appears discretely on “Panzer Fest I” takes), another one for the recording of “The Art of Vengeance” recording sessions and one for the tributes to HEADHUNTER D.C. and STOMACHAL CORROSION. But the best parts are the two shows from NERVOCHAOS on Roça’n’Roll Festival (one great Metal festival on Brazil), and one on CCJ.

NERVOCHAOS is a hard working band in the Brazilian Metal scene, and always do more than asked.

5 Star Rating

 Disc 1 (CD):

1. The Harvest
2. For Passion Not Fashion
3. The Devil’s Work
4. Betrayed
5. From Below and Not Above
6. Blood Ritual
7. Rotten Moralism
8. Shadows of Destruction
9. Ghost of the Past
10. What is Dead May Never Die
11. The Legacy Is Pain
12. Lightless

Disc 2 (DVD)

Warriors on the Road - Part 2
- "To the Death" Tour documentary
- STOMACHAL CORROSION and HEADHUNTER D.C. tributes documentary

Live at Roça’n’Roll Festival:
1. To the Death
2. Infernal Words
3. Mighty Justice
4. Pazuzu is Here
5. Dark Chaotic Destruction
6. All-Out War
7. Mark of the Beast
8. Perish Slowly
9. Pure Hemp

Live at CCJ:
1. Dark Chaotic Destruction
2. To the Death
3. All-Out War
4. Infernal Words
5. Mighty Justice
6. Total Satan
7. Sheep Among Wolves
8. Perish Slowly
9. Pure Hemp
Guiller – Vocals / Guitars
Quinho – Guitars
Felipe – Bass
Edu – Drums
Record Label: Cogumelo Records


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