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Nervochaos - To The Death

To The Death
by Dorothy Cheng at 27 May 2013, 1:24 PM

Certain bands have an immutable quality about them which comes from experience. Even if they are relatively underground, the years of being in the scene have built into them an unrelenting spirit of continually producing quality music.

Brazilian Death Metallers NERVOCHAOS is one such band, with a strong 17 years behind them of hard rocking. Having toured with such greats as VENOM, CANNIBAL CORPSE, NAPALM DEATH, KREATOR, and CARCASS, it’s easy to judge from their choice of tour partners who the band draws their inspirations from. “Mark Of The Beast” starts out like any other Death Metal record might, but the steady formula of Death Metal, executed skillfully and applied tactfully, immediately sets it apart as a quality track.

Much of the album’s songs feature a constant riff rhythm, which is a steadier and slower picking of the lower strings. This produces an infallible headbanging effect, and repetition is immediately wiped out as the solos kick in. The solos have a very refreshing take on harmony and progressions, which a clear old school leaning where tone and effects are concerned. Coupled together, these factors throw listeners back to the heyday of old SEPULTURA, the Brazilian legends that I’m sure all Brazilian bands look up to and draw inspiration from.

“Sheep Amongst Wolves” has a distinct SLAYER feel about it, or maybe it’s just my ears getting emotional. During this song and the next few songs, vocalist Guiller showcases his vocal creativity, including a very interesting and rocking bridge in “You World’s Trend” and the choruses in “Gospel of Judas” which ring of uniqueness and bold, anthem oriented rhythm.

With their straightforward take on rhythm and their classic execution of solos, NERVOCHAOS has produced an album that any Death Metal enthusiast would be ill to miss. The album is certainly very formulaic, but the band has executed everything so expertly that the album has come out tops as one of the better Death Metal efforts this year. I can only infer that this comes with the band’s years of experience, and perhaps it is good advice for every budding musician to take every once in a while that old school is the best school.

3 Star Rating

1. Mark of the Beast
2. Sheep amongst Wolves
3. Your World’s Trend
4. Gospel of Judas
5. The Exile
6. To the Death
7. Hate
8. Smoking Mortal Remains
9. Mind Under Siege
10. Delusions and Lies
11. Destroyer of Lies
12. Warlords Unbound
13. Wolves Curse
Guiller – Vocal, Guitar
Quinho – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Felipe – Bass
Edu – Drums
Record Label: Greyhaze Records


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