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Nervosa - Agony Award winner

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 13 July 2016, 8:39 AM

In actual times, some Metal names are taking the world the by force, and one of the greatest Brazilian names is from the Thrash Metal trio NERVOSA. Since the arrival of "Victim of Yourself" on 2014, they started to play as many as they could, and the experience from playing out of Brazil, along with the consolidation of the band's line up, contributed for "Agony" become a step ahead from its predecessor.

And let me tell you a thing, my dear nephews and nieces: these girls have guts, more than some male bands!

"Agony" shows that the band is still on Thrash Metal path, but their musicality evolved so much, and gained a lot of musical influences. Yes, they are using elements from Death Metal, and even some bits of Crossover and traditional Heavy Metal melodies. No, they didn't changed their musical influences, but gained more diversification.

The album was recorded on United States (drums were recorded on The Foundation studio, on Oregon, and the rest on Norcal studio, on California). Once more, Brendan Duffey produced and mixed the album, leaving the mastering to the hands of Andy Classen. So the sonority of "Agony" is really excellent, as we can hear all the details of their musical arrangements, but it's extremely aggressive and heavy.

The album is excellent from its beginning to its end, but we can point as their best moments the brutal grasp exercised on "Arrogance" (a violent and fast song, where some influences of Death Metal are present on guitar riffs and on backing vocals), the groove aggressiveness on the drums' work on "Theory of Conspiracy", the very good use of different vocals' tunes on the sharp and ruthless "Intolerance Means War" (where some Crossover influences appear), the Crossover song presented on "Guerra Santa" (the lyrics are on Brazilian Portuguese, and the musical concept reminds a lot what RATOS DE PORÃO used to do on "Brasil" era), the Death Metal influences on the abrasive "Hostages" (a fine work from bass guitar is presented, along with great guitar riffs), the traditional form of Thrash Metal that can be heard on "Hypocrisy" (where we remind the same musical elements that we heard on "Victim of Yourself"), and the surprising "Wayfarer" (where we are surprised due the use of clean vocals at the beginning, where a clear influence from Blues/Southern Rock arises from the song, but soon the harsh and fast aggressiveness that we are used to hear on their songs appears once more. And on the end, the bluesy feeling is back).

One of the finest albums of the year, and NERVOSA can become the next great name from Brazilian Metal scene.

Originality: 9
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Arrogance
2. Theory of Conspiracy
3. Deception
4. Intolerance Means War
5. Guerra Santa
6. Failed System
7. Hostages
8. Surrounded by Serpents
9. Cyberwar
10. Hypocrisy
11. Devastation
12. Wayfarer
Fernanda Lira - Bass, Vocals
Prika Amaral - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Pitchu Ferraz - Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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