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Nervous Impulse - Time to Panic Award winner

Nervous Impulse
Time to Panic
by Shiloh A. Santiago at 29 August 2015, 10:36 PM

Nervous Impulse is a band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and “Time to Panic” is their sophomore release.  There is no shortage of metal madness on this album.  The album is a relentless auditory attack, it just doesn't let up.

The guitar work on this album is great.  Very inventive guitar wizardry coming from Bruno Mercier.  The tone achieved here is reminiscent of a giant weed wacker sawing off both your legs.  The rhythm section is very tight.  Nervous Impulse has a definitive sound, and they are honed in on it.  I would best describe it as "orchestrated chaos".

Through the course of “Time to Panic”, this chaotic sound constantly pelts you.  It's like feeding a bunch of golf balls into a pitching machine and letting them hit you.  The start-stop changes keep it fresh and interesting, and there is no real discernible song format.  You never really hear the same riff twice, but there are a lot of good riffs on this album, and a lot of heavy fucking slams.

The vocals by Eric Fiset are some of the best I’ve heard in recent memory.  He is quite versatile and pushes the envelope, trying to give the listener something they haven't heard before.  He has quite a range, covering all the bases of gutterals, shrieks, and growls; he is actually very proficient in this art.  It is just fun to listen to him perform his vocals, and many props to him.

Time to Panic” is a great album.  Death Metal at it's best.  Very technical; their frenzied sound is a perfect mix of new school and old school.  You can tell these guys worked hard on this album and it shows.  Most albums take awhile to get started, or leave you wanting more.  This album is not like that; it is running on all cylinders.  It is a total sensory overload, and keeps the listener involved constantly.

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Oil Spills
3. Prorogued Democracy
4. Syrian NATO Meat Grinder
5. Wing Clipper
6. Nostalgic Memories
7. Time to Panic
8. 9 Meals to Anarchy / Riot Solves Everything
9. My Right to Medicate
10. Eclipse of Personality
11. Overwhelming Positive Vibe
12. The Last Call
13. The Neighbor's House Is on Fire
14. Dead Jeremians 2014
Eric Fiset - Vocals
Felix Bourcier - Bass
Yan Chamberland - Drums
Bruno Mercier - Guitar
Record Label: Blast Head Records


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