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Nethescerial - Qvorum (CD)

by Eirini Papadopoulou at 24 November 2008, 2:25 PM

Greek Blacksters NETHESCERIAL are active since 2002. After some line up changes, some releases, having done many collaborations with Greek underground bands and perform many lives (one of which was supporting MORTUARY DRAPE) they record Qvorum.
This EP is released by Orkestral Promenade Productions and includes 5 songs, among which there is a really interesting cover of the song Robots from the electronic/synth pop band KRAFTWERK.
With this mini CD NETHESCERIAL make sure they give us a good taste of atrocity, madness and fury. The keyboards do not take the main role in NETHESCERIAL's music but they are attributed skillfully in many parts giving a symphonic or at times electronic touch to the compositions, showing us the beastly and profound landscapes of our most morbid fantasies. Guitars are at times raw and at times more progressive and the LIMBONIC ART and DIMMU BORGIR influences are eminent due to the symphonic and obscure feel that NETHESCERIAL's sound has. The symphonic touch brews under the fury of the guitars, which change patterns all the time having the listener alerted to see what will come next. Using the sound effects in a clever way, the band manages to make a meticulous electro-Black rendition of the KRAFTWERK song.
Consisted of furious blast beats, chaotic guitar riffs and profane vocals, Qvorum is a release that will not give you even a moment of rest!

3 Star Rating

Fervent Interval Orders
Sedna Obscure
Universitas Litterarum II
The Robots (KRAFTWERK Cover)
Dagwn - Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars
R'lieh- Keyboards, Knobs
Quesse Nurru - Bass
Hryshaorr - Drums
Record Label: Orkestral Promade Productions


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