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Neurasthenia - Possessed By Your Omen

Possessed By Your Omen
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 20 September 2012, 3:57 PM

There is no end to horror or the means to stop it, as it is the creation of the mind. These creations cannot be eliminated unless you decide to kill a person or inflict him with possession that would assume control over his actions (but that is still horrific right?). Trusting that we aren’t a murderous society of savages or children of demonic beings, our imaginative horrors will keep on flourishing as long as our thought patterns are intact causing us anxieties, blistering headaches and depression. But hey if this is all connected to Metal music, why stop the fun? NEURASTHENIA, a mixed oriented Thrash / Heavy Metal band that originated from Italy, welcomes trepidation, decimates politics and religion while hails the little person. After being active for almost ten years, it was decided to release a compilation with their best material called “Possessed By Your Omen” (Actually a united title of both their early studio albums). However, unlike many compilations out there, the crew decided to re-record and re-produce the entire shebang in order for your guys to feel their true wrath and musical development. I usually don’t like to review compilations, but NEURASTHENIA were able to strike my nerves with them re-recording their stuff and also showing me their great technical abilities and devotion to Metal.

Though I am a fan of the conventional Thrash Metal, more of the Bay Area kind than the German or other European points of reference, NEURASTHENIA made me glad with their diversities. Their direction that assimilated modern and old school Thrash along with Heavy Metal pointers ended as truly profound and interesting. Aside from the usual rhythms of Thrash, the material consisted of intriguing melodic passages, a rather assorted vocal line that reminded me of TESTAMENT’s Chuck Billy of the mid 90s, a wide selection of lead guitar combustive soloing played by various of guest local, and enthusiastic, lead guitarists such as Simone Mularoni (DGM, EMPYRIOS), Andrea Mosconi (MOURN IN SILENCE) and Gabriele Lazzerini, and I can’t just ignore the exciting and energetic rhythm section full of flair and composure. In general, NEURASTHENIA’s seemed to me like an erupting volcano, always rigid and ready to attack with ferocity and a violent nature that won’t show mercy. Despite the fact that it was revealed as a straightforward and provocative number, “Go Fuck Themselves”, a destructive Thrash Metal hit, is a massive assault in the vein of new TESTAMENT, EXODUS and FORBIDDEN. On the other hand, as I mentioned earlier, NEURASTHENIA knew how to draw attention by rushing out of the comfort zone of the conventional Thrash and into different Metal realms such as Progressive, Heavy and somewhat even Death Metal. “T.B.T (Thrash Is Back in Town)” turned out to be more common to the heavy as hell Thrash communion NEURASTHENIAhas been pursuing throughout their entire career and according to the book of how to make good Thrash piece, yet this song also displayed colourful sections of harmonies and an ultimate chorus slice right in your face.

In a nightmarish world where zombies and fiends walk the land side by side eating and carving through a screaming live flesh, NEURASTHENIA found their pray. “Possessed By Your Omen” is a powerful compilation with the best of what this band can do. There will be no rest for the wicked as the torture of souls will forever last, at least in this crew’s eyes. I highly recommend this album as a great Thrash Metal piece but with golden additions, head on to buy it.

4 Star Rating

1. When Nightmare Comes True
2. I'm Walking with a Zombie
3. Fell Possessed
4. No Politics
5. Screaming Corpse
6. Go Fuck Themselves
7. Assassination
8. T.B.T (Thrash Is Back in Town)
9. Your Omen
10. The Last Order of God
11. I Love It Loud (KISS Cover) 
Matteo “Lehmann” Grazzini– Bass / Backing Vocals
Neil Grotti– Vocals / Guitars
Rudy Manani- Drums
Record Label: Spider Rock Promotion


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