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Neuraxis - Truth - Imagery - Passage (CD)

Truth - Imagery - Passage
by Grigoris Chronis at 22 May 2005, 6:04 AM

What kind of review can you come up with when the music definitely isn't your kind of taste? At first, all your furyfied feelings can burst out at certain times and lead you to bury the band's/artist's scope six feet under. On the other hand, who are you to judge an album's quality or influence, especially when you hardly have any idea 'bout the purpose served here? Tough luck… Truth lies somewhere in the middle. Still, these guys were at my disosal…
Canada's Death / Grind act Neuraxis were formed in Montreal in 1993. It wasn't until one year later that lineup changes started taking place while a steady cast was established in 1997 for the recordings of the band's debut album, Imagery. Produced by Kataklysm guitarist Jean Francois Dagenais, Imagery offered the band the chance to fill in support slots for Borknager, Dying Fetus, Witchery and Suffocation. While members carried on coming and going, A Passage To Forlorn was cut in 2001, with Ian Campbell (Dark Vomit, Spiritual Might) handling the vocal duties. In 2002, Neuraxis entered the studio once again with Yannick St-Amand to begin the recordings of their third album entitled Truth Beyond…. Along with carrying out a couple of other projects / bands, Neuraxis toured with Birdflesh and Hellblazer in Europe in 2003, whereas a short Canadian tour also took place afterwards with Misery Index in fall 2004. Lately the re-release of Imagery and A Passage Into Forlorn on Galy Records occurred throughout Canada, while - in the U.S. - Willowtip Records released the Truth / Imagery / Passage set, containing bonus tracks and multimedia footage. Earache brings the latter issue to Europe for our ears.
Roll it:
Imagery (1997): Brutality meets technical Death Metal, accompanied by gurgling vocals in rather low frequencies. This doesn't mean, of course, that you won't hear classic blastbeats with high-pitched screams. Good guitar work with some interesting solos and obvious chemistry in the band are judged as advantages.
Passage Into Forlorn (2001): Death / Grind elements continue to sum up the band's scope, still some spare melodic parts are noticed - and notable. Improved production - in relation to Imagery - through similarities with works of bands like Cannibal Corpse or Carcass. The band also improved their technical abilities, while I have the suspicion that this album offered them a wider range of fans.
Truth Beyond (2002): Stylish Death Metal at its best from this Canadian band that will please all fans of the genre. Brutal parts, blastbeats, technical intermezzos, great riff work, astonishing bass lines and a twisted production that unveils an outfit ready for the big bang! There's guest appearances by members of Cephalic Carnage, Despised Icon and Unhuman, while the general aura of the album brought in mind bands like Cryptopsy.
Two bonus tracks and live footage are also available in this rich (re) release, a set of albums presenting a band that doesn't stop developing its music. Maybe Hardcore fans are already owners of the band's entire discography, still - if not - it's a great chance to grab Truth / Imagery / Passage and let yourself be exposed to this fatal violence gently offered by Neuraxis.

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Disc 1

 …Of Divinity
Truth Beyond Recognition

All tracks taken from Truth Beyond

Disc 2

A Temporal Calamity
Oscillated To Intelligence
Inquisition On Mortality
Lid To Your Soul
Reasons Of Being
Atmospheric Holocaust
A Drift…
The Drop
The Art Of Sadness
Blind The Vision That Shatters
To Pacify
The Drop
In Silence (Bonus)
…Of Divinity (live) (Bonus)

Tracks 01 - 12 taken from Imagery
Tracks 13 - 20 taken from Passage Into Forlorn
Steven Henry - Guitar
Yan Thiel - Bass
Robin Mulley - Guitar
Alexandre Erian - Drums
Ian Campell - Vocals
Record Label: Earache Records


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