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Neurosis Enemy Of The Sun

Enemy Of The Sun
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 09 September 2010, 3:09 PM

This album (more of a milestone) fell right into my hands just before I leave for my summer vacations. Of course you’ll ask why this review come so much later. Probably because I am a lazy motherfucker, that’s why! The fact is that I am here to save you once again from spending your precious money on releases that are not worth them. Surprised huh? Unfortunately this reissue of “Enemy Of The Sun” is one of those releases…

The reason though I mentioned that I got this album just before I leave, is that it turned out to be the most beautifully haunting soundtrack of my summer. I had forgotten how charming “Enemy Of The Sun” (ironic title for my “summer album”) can be. If you don’t remember what it feels like getting lost into the nightmarish hallways of NEUROSIS follow me…

“Enemy Of The Sun” is – in my humble opinion – one of the most incredible works this band has ever produced. And everything is easier than you can imagine. You press that magic “play” button and you are being asked one simple question… “Are you lost?”

And that’s when the “chaos” begins. The American Post/Sludge/Ambient or how you want to call it band doesn’t even let you catch your breath with its overwhelming rhythm section and spine chilling screams. This is actually where NEUROSIS proved to be brilliant songwriters and managed to release an album that put the band’s name on the worldwide music map. And that’s enough for the album since now is the time we try to see it as a reissue, since that’s what it actually is.

First of all, this is the second time “Enemy Of The Sun” is being re-release by Neurot Recordings and I can’t find any differences comparing it to the previous re-release. No bonus tracks, no video goodies, nothing. And I am thinking, is it worth buying? No, of course. Except if you do not own the album. That’s the only reason for someone to buy this – second – reissue of “Enemy Of The Sun”. The rest of you, keep your money for something else (this one goes to the collectors, too).

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  1. Lost
  2. Raze The Stray
  3. Burning Flesh In Year Of Pig
  4. Cold Ascending
  5. Lexicon
  6. Enemy Of The Sun
  7. The Time Of The Beasts
  8. Cleanse
  9. Takeahnase (Demo)
  10. Cleanse II (Live In Oberhausen)
Dave Edwardson – Bass, Vocals
Scott Kelly – Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Jason Roeder – Drums, Percussion
Steve Von Till – Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Simon Mcllroy – Keyboards, Samples

Guest Musicians:
Kris Frce – Violin
Erika Little – Vocals
Paul Lew – Horn
Record Label: Neurot Recordings


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