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Neurotic - Rebirth Of Sin (CD)

Rebirth Of Sin
by Michael Dalakos at 23 January 2006, 5:24 AM

What I really liked in the biography sheet of Neurotic was that the band was bad-mouthing their label in a very cool way. I mean the biography sheet starts with a notice that this promo was sent in by the band and not by the label since the label didn't care to promote the album. What a way to build a strong relationship (haha). But I guess some credit is deserved since the band had the balls to write down all that.
Neurotic formed under the name Breakdown back in 1999. Their first Demo was recorded in 2001 and was titled Incognita. Since then they have recorded another Demo, changed their name and released this debut album (the band is currently working on their second album titled \[In]Human). Some final details regarding this album is the fact that it was recorded back in 2003 and it was supposed to be released in 2004 but found its way to the shops finally in 2005.
Music-wise The Rebirth Of Sin can be described as U.S. flavored Death Metal, with guttural vocals and low tuned guitars. Speaking about the guitars, I must say that this has to be the strong card of the band. Perhaps Angelo Rodrigues is not a virtuoso guitarist but he manages to nail down some fine riffs along the way.
But very good guitar work is not the alpha and the omega in a CD. Some compositions are good but the majority of the material can be considered as colorless, without a personal touch upon it. Luck of identity is definitely a serious problem and the outcome is the minimum endurance in the test of time. The production is quite good, especially if we keep in mind that we are talking about a home recording.
In conclusion I found The Rebirth Of Sin to be an average piece of work. The band seems to be in a good direction, but they must definitely work harder in order to obtain a more personal sound.

2 Star Rating

Prayers Of Sin
New Human Machine
Wicked God (The Rebirth)
Dark Light (Bright Shadow)
Divine Burning Of Souls
Fearful Life
Neurose I
Angelo Rodrigues - Guitars
Joao Guerreiro - Vocals
Ino Detelic - Bass & Backing Vocals
Marco Augusto - Drums
Record Label: Nebula Records


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