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Nevea Tears - Do I Have To Tell You That I Love You? (CD)

Nevea Tears
Do I Have To Tell You That I Love You?
by Michael Dalakos at 23 June 2005, 4:45 AM

The word suck came in mind once I started listening to this piece or art. Indeed Nevea Tears (I have heard worst names, but not too many) suck big time with their amazing album Do I have To Tell You That I Love You. Well no, dude, you don't have to. But that doesn't mean I have to like you… Are you gay? Anyway I even managed to overcome the ludicrous title (can you say naked with hands in pockets?) but the music made me call it a day.
This… Metal is definitely false. All true metallers rise your fists (or at least the middle finger) to bands & labels that waste significant quantities of plastic in order to produce such garbage. Hardcore (my ass) with rave / beat elements (your ass at risk here) and evenly ludicrous song titles from a band that starts its biography like this: Somewhere in Southern California a man found a phone number hanging on a wall. Two weeks later, Nevea Tears formed. What more can I say. Their biography says it all. My hamster found a new piece of paper to chew in its free time and I found a new coffee holder. What more can I ask from life?

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John Morello - Vocals
Greg Gillis - Vocals & Guitar
Amber Barnard - Drums
Dom Gomez - Bass
Brent Doan - Guitar
Jeff Metajan - Keyboards & Beats
Record Label: Alveran Records


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