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Never A Hero - Bleed Between The Lies Award winner

Never A Hero
Bleed Between The Lies
by CJ "Music God" Plain at 04 April 2013, 10:37 AM

Hailing from Suffolk, England comes the band NEVER A HERO with their debut album, "Bleed Between The Lies".

Starting the affair off with the title track, it gives the impression that this band might sound like LINKIN PARK or HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD. The second track, "Burning Skies" adds in some really great electronic elements and growling vocals that let you know they are much more than the previous bands mentioned. Vocalist Phrixus has a knack for singing with great melody and the rest of the band chime in with some great backing "gang" style vocals. This track also has a real tasty guitar solo in it.

On "Roses Are Dead, Violets Are Too", the band delivers a great double guitar sound with more great vocals and a really great breakdown on the chorus. "Screams Of Silence" starts with some interesting piano playing before the guitar takes over letting you know this band is very technical oriented and can absolutely play with the best of them. This tune almost has a HELLOWEEN Power Metal style to it.

The tune "Days Of Patience" slows it down with more piano playing and some really great electronic elements working throughout. Again, the vocals of Phrixus are amazing and really carry the tune.

The entire record continues on in this tone. NEVER A HERO have created a sound that is clearly modern Metal but with a huge nod to 80s Rock and Metal. They've taken these two genres and created their own niche sound that is both rewarding to listen to and really gets the blood pumping.

If I was forced to say anything bad at all about this, it would only be that some people may find their similarity to LINKIN PARK a bit off setting. I personally find NEVER A HERO to be much more engaging both musically and lyrically though. This is a band with a mission and you can clearly hear it on this record. The guitar playing of Kaji and Mickey Thin really stand out with blazing solos, technical phasing, and emotion. NEVER A HERO are just a band that gets past the image and gets to the heart of being a band that can rock.

This is a band that I would gladly pay to see live and highly recommend this CD to anyone that dig's heavy Rock and Metal. It's a barn burner and should please many fans of different listening styles.

4 Star Rating

1. Read Between The Lines
2. Burning Skies
3. Roses Are Dead, Violets Are Too
4. The Call
5. Screams Of Silence
6. Days Of Patience
7. Vogue
8. >|<
9. Untouchable
10. Dreamcatcher
11. Hollow And The Crow
12. Sunbeam
13. Stalked
14. Bleed Between The Lies
Phrixus - Lead Vocals
Mickey Thin – Vocals / Guitars
Kaji - Lead Guitar
KB – Vocals / Bass
Daisy Lai – Drums / Samples
Record Label: Out Of The Box / Cinderella Records


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