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Never Found - The Human Condition

Never Found
The Human Condition
by Sooraj Ram at 12 October 2017, 11:56 PM

UK based Rock/Metalcore outfit NEVER FOUND are known for their capability to write a powerful song through an array of influences from multiple genres. Going through some of their older and newer songs there is some major BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE worship, including some of other prominent modern acts such as ASKING ALEXANRIA etc. In addition to their original mellow Metalcore sound the band integrates some Rock vibes into their music, which is evident from songs that are influenced by the likes GREENDAY and AIDEN. Altogether NEVER FOUND promise an adventurous playthrough with a lot of influences, and “The Human Condition” is what these young lads had to put up for this year and it seems as if they have tried their best in accumulating these tracks.

Opening track “Come to Me” is a super catchy song with an energetic intro followed by occasional vocal switches. The way the vocals are shifted from catchy cleans to aggressive screams is good but not perfect as there are some errors in the way they transition whilst pulling that off; nevertheless, the track is good enough to get the listeners hooked for the rest of the album. Second track “Favourite Substance” is an unfiltered version of NEVER FOUND, which narrates the band's struggle with substance abuse. Fifth track “My Grave” is catchy but not very complex compared to some other tracks on this album – the vocals could've used more screams as the cleans take away the aggression so portrayed by the heavy instrumentation; further revisions would've made this song a stand out track.

“The Human Condition” is a decent album, however, the band could've made some alterations to make it perfect as I did note some errors. Yet what makes this album decent is the non repetitive song structure that makes it hard for one to get bored. Overall, it is an album that won’t fail in exciting Modern Rock/Metal enthusiasts. The long list of influences did pay off at the end as this album is not as bad as I expected it would be at the first place. I'm excited for complex and catchy rhythms from them in future.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Come to Me
2. Favourite Mistake
3. The Monster Remains
4. Anyone but Me
5. My Grave
6. Misanthropy (A General Hate)
Daniel Barnes - Vocals and Guitar
Sam Redmayne - Guitar
James Sweeten - Bass
Keiran Ivey - Drum
Record Label: Independent


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