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Never-Trust - Bras De Fer

Bras De Fer
by H.P. Buttcraft at 02 July 2014, 2:04 PM

NEVER-TRUST are a band from Athens, Greece that dub their music “Thrashcore”. Now I may not be the smartest man in the world but I would say that just from that term, the band sounds like a cross between thrash metal and hardcore punk. It was a wild guess but I was one hundred percent accurate about Never- Trust.

“Bras De Fer”, not the album itself but the phrase, is another name for arm-wrestling and is definitely something you can say out loud in my country and have people around you think you’re an intellectual. Unbeknownst to these fools all-too-ready to hand you the bilingual superstar of the year award, you are actually talk about the NEVER-TRUST album, a musical offering which sacrifices its intellect for pure brute strength. And it can best be summed up by their album artwork.

What can be said about their album cover that hasn’t already been said about graffiti you’d find at a gas station bathroom? There’s a white man with a tie having an arm wrestling match with a zombie. And somehow, the energies of their white man and zombie might conducts a lightning bolt to strike their clasped hands in a battle comparable to the Sylvester Stallone movie Over the Top. Why are they so charged up to duel each other in an arm wrestling match? What does this have to do with thrash or hardcore? Why does this art look like something that was submitted to a failed collectible card game series?

The brass tax is that this album is merely trope after trope; nailing all of the hardcore nails that seal its coffin firmly shut. There’s the song about being tough and strong “Tough Ain’t Enough”, the esoteric loneliness song “By Myself”, the song about how hostile it is to even be around you “Keep Your Distance”, and the corny song that attempts to blend humor and heavy metal “Jack the Lumberjack!”. And there’s no escape from the cliché song about how futile the possibility of forgiveness and acceptance is “Seeking Redemption” but this message gets followed up with a song like “Lust For Violence (L.F.V.)”. These kinds of mixed messages are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this music, which causes me to have a headache when I listen to it.

Although it was a noble attempt on the end of these Greek musicians, NEVER-TRUST is a band you can, well, never trust to put out anything memorable.

1 Star Rating

2. Bras De Fer
3. Tough Ain’t Enough
4. Seeking Redemption
5. Keep Your Distance
6. Lust For Violence (L.F.V.)
7. Thrashcore Demonstration
8. By Myself
9. Jack the Lumberjack!
10. Groove Squad
Victor – Guitars
George – Bass
Stas – Drums
John - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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