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NeverBreath - To Defile Is To Transcend!

To Defile Is To Transcend!
by Craig Rider at 21 August 2020, 7:32 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: NEVERBREATH; independently unsigned, hailing from the United States Of America, performing Black Metal - on their debut album entitled: "To Defile Is To Transcend!" (released May 29th, 2020).

With their formation unknown; the quintet in question have only their debut album in their discography so far entitled: "To Defile Is To Transcend!". 9 tracks ranging at around 37:01; NEVERBREATH arrange an intricately designed formula of some heavy-hitting Black Metal developments.

"In Burning My Flesh And Consuming The Ashes" begins this power trip of Black Metal mayhem; the deathly landscape of static firepower and expertise, implementing a gnarly assemble of some trailblazing rips that soar with ruthless pandemonium, amplified adrenaline and a lot of boisterous calamities that triggers these wildly rushing shreds with this monsterously meaty sound production that's mildly distorted but crisp as nails. There's 2 versions within my promo, the organic version & this "TRV BLK MTL MIX" (as its entitled) …I'm in for a treat of some sinister savagery that is for sure! I'll include both versions consecutively, so the second version revels with more deadly hostility…harnessing an atmospheric attribute in the primitively momentous ambience of gloom and doomy extremity. It is intriguing to witness two differentiate characteristics here, the 1st edition is almost a clear modernization of the 2nd version which literally oscilliates through old-school Black Metal variations that most veterans will want the most. The 1st version is definitely a more sudden quake of relentless stampeding, while the 2nd version is, but that's more maliciously distorted.

Consisting of Mark Garrett on vocals; the frontman excels at a rawly rough stability of raspy throatiness, with tight and deep guttural growls that surge with viciously satanic posession. This ritualistic rage of rebellion, retribution & volatile panache showcases this outrè performance of other-worldly weightiness that rattles with synergetic manifestation while this unique substance of versatile vehemence meticulously rumbles with reverberating nastiness that relishes eardrums into a barraged frenzy of ominously fierce fretworks and a bombarding crunch that thunders with punishing zest in a pleasing ramification of course.

"And In Rending Open My Skin" fabricates intensively immersive dexterity dynamics; a borderline foundation of punchy jumpiness, impactful fluidity & a polished shriek of killer laceration prowess from guitarists Tyler Allen & Nico Mirolla (also on the incredible orchestration vibrancy). Distilling a chiselling craftsmanship of rapidly swift nimbleness, potent snappiness & disturbingly haunting eerieness that revolves through this solid slab of tempestuously storming riffs that skyrocket with spellbinding mastery. The "TRV BLK MTL MIX" addition blisters into a razor-sharp territory of sonically seamless robustness, elementing an enriching slab of sulphurously profuse tempos that forge a galloping chug and frolicking haste and concrete grit. Experimenting a hybrid dimension of some speedy shoutiness, and an evil embodiment that unleashes crunchy instrumentation chunkiness for all eardrums.

"I Become The Blood-Spring Of Eden" is a blasphemous belter; fuelled to the brim as it bruises headphones into a combustible blast-beat of frantic bludgeoning, as battering drummer Sean Lang piledrives with rambuntious integrity. Hammering into a grinding, pummelling slam that stomps with malevolent yet mellifluous skill. The patterns flow into a massive yet neck-breaking contingency, loud and rowdy yet monolithically droning and while staying diligently technical with progressively salubrious sounds that strike with sophisticated onslaughts & steely precision. The "TRV BLK MTL MIX" part mightily transistions with more stringing creeks, aggressive madness & thumpy bass audibilities from Paul Robles who marvellously injects infectiously venomous strifes that swamp speakers with thrilling grooves and jarring yet pounding drum-cymbals which explodes with riveting profanities.

"And I See The Profane Through Torn Eyes!" is a devilish contortion of prolific devastation; drilling fiery quintessential virtuosity that resonates with gruff but synchronous vibrations of systematic melodies that bleeds into a fierce boundary of moody but fiendish vibes that overarchs this oozing presense of prestigiously rompy maelstrom tactics that remarkably merges this hardened but high-octane strum that's just this scattering velocity of salubrious tribulation. The "TRV BLK MTL MIX" rebels with more sorrowful brutality, an assimilating blitzkreig of heated grips and flamboyant finesse…addictive tendencies pump out deathly guitar promptness with subtly smashing havoc.

"My Will To Thee, O Wretched Ones!" is another rampent roundhouse kick of distinctively distinguished bolts, dashing with mandatory rushes that portrays a hefty amount of ponderous clashes in which shines with thick rhythms that will make one want to break chairs over other chairs in no time! The "TRV BLK MTL MIX" counterpart creates this silver-lining subjugation that quickly burns inside like a wild pheonix bombing everything in its path with its wings of hellfire, causing chaos among all lands. The screeching musicalities, crashing attacks all collide with whirlwinding, twinning perfection.

"My Lips Are Flayed Open In Praise!" layer this towering but euphonically demented, acoustic strum…with this spoken-word praise chanting into more of those blackened furocities, but down-tuned for a barbaric but daunting embellishment this time around…although a lot of the record repents this way. Yet, the closing finish carries on this more innovative spectrum that methodically demonstrates a flexible fundamental of crushingly outlandish metal. The "TRV BLK MTL MIX" maximumizes the utmost sadistic segregation with insanely diabolic but maniacal mettle expertise to the fullest, demanding full distraction with the symphonic establishments and thrashing trials it ensues.

"My Body Is Made Whole Through Agony" is an anguishing tormentor, made for the sole purpose to thrash your noggin until more slaying takes over your body with these sacramental yet visceral lamentations until unearthing some more demonizing imagination and adventuously ambitious hymns that will hypnotise into a crazy annihilation full force with this majestic forebode in evolving Black Metal spirtuality. The "TRV BLK MTL MIX" brilliantly helps keep the original songwriting intact as both amalgamate a smashing vortex of 2 worlds in Black Metal mastery.

The penultimate track: "Through Desecration My Temple Is Immortal" bulldozes and contaminates souls with clobbering complexities, booming an intriguing lore and this phantasm shroud that's baptised in chemical warfare that will snare an incredible amount of replay value as is within the "TRV BLK MTL MIX" that both brilliantly converge into one neat package, serving an astonishing offering of all things Black Metal.

Overall concluding "To Defile Is To Transcend!" with the epic finisher from the titular track itself, I am compelled to say that this was a fascinating discovery and deliverence that most definitely deserves a listen or more. 2 discs which stunningly matches these sub-genre characteristics flair a resounding amount of enjoyably captivating experiences from these titantic Black Metal masters; NEVERBREATH certainly outdone themselves here for a debut recording, representing a healthy dose of some mesmerisingly majestic performances that will serve your maniacal metal needs with no doubt in my mind. Give it a few spins! It kills!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. In Burning My Flesh and Consuming the Ashes 03:58
2. And in Rending Open My Skin 03:30
3. I Become The Blood-Spring Of Eden 04:20
4. And I See The Profane Through Torn Eyes! 04:26
5. My Will To Thee, O Wretched Ones! 04:05
6. My Lips Are Flayed Open In Praise! 05:19
7. My Body Is Made Whole Through Agony 03:40
8. Through Desecration My Temple Is Immortal 03:25
9. To Defile Is To Transcend!
1. In Burning My Flesh and Consuming the Ashes 03:58
2. And In Rending Open My Skin 03:30
3. I Become The Blood-Spring of Eden 04:20
4. And I See The Profane Through Torn Eyes! 04:26
5. My Will To Thee, O Wretched Ones! 04:05
6. My Lips Are Flayed Open In Praise! 05:19
7. My Body Is Made Whole Through Agony 03:40
8. Through Desecration My Temple Is Immortal 03:25
9. To Defile Is To Transcend!
Sean Lang - Drums
Tyler Allen - Guitars
Mark Garrett - Vocals/Lyrics
Paul Robles - Bass/Guitar Solos
Nico Mirolla - Guitars/Orchestration
Record Label: Independent


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