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Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor (CD)

This Godless Endeavor
by Yiannis Mitsakos at 20 July 2005, 11:10 PM

Writing a review on a Nevermore album is no easier than understanding the lyrics and concept that's inextricable with the complexity of their music. Where progressive meets death metal, where sadness meets rage, where quality meets mass acceptance, the band from Seattle is standing right there, teaching the world why this kind of music will never die and yelling a big FUCK OFF to the governments, the media and every asshole that decided to boss our lives around.
A couple of things you need to know about this release is that Jeff Loomis had a “little assistance from their new permanent additional guitarist Steve Smyth (ex-Testament) and massive riffs are added to Jeff's prowess. The other thing is that Andy Sneap has produced this album (as well as the remix of the “Enemies of Reality limited edition). If you don't know who this gentleman is, I'll just advice you to search the booklet of some of your favorite releases and you'll probably find him mentioned in there.
And now to the hard part; how can someone express the accumulated feelings at the closing note of the album? What the fuck is probably a crude, yet effective way to describe my first reaction after the following silence. It wasn't the kind of “what the fuck I cried out when a certain band hit the stage just before the legendary Black Sabbath a few weeks ago. It was the kind that finds your face bleeding from headbanging against the wall, just to experience the whole “headbanging thing in all its glory.
From the guitar-shredding first few seconds of “Born you'll definitely notice the clarity of the production and the addition of the second guitarist, something obvious by the following powerhouses Final Product, “My Acid Words and “Bittersweet Feast.
Van Williams' drumming is simply insane and if you listen to the album while you're driving, you'll find yourself trying to follow the double bass drumming with the clutch and gas pedal - not fun for the passengers; definitely not fun if you don't drive stick shift. Jim Sheppard's memorable bass is like an axe that will cut through your will's final defenses to start acting like a raving lunatic.
Do I even need to mention Nevermore's trademark instrument, Warrel Dane's voice? Yes I do. From Sanctuary-era screams to death metal colored grunts, from the emotional wailing of “Sentient 6 to the haunting vocals of “Sell My Soul for Stones, the tinge of his voice is enough to make the hair of your neck stand up and probably try to applause while at it.
“The Psalm of Lydia, “Medicated Nation and “A Future Uncertain are vintage Nevermore; look no further than the solo of the former song to realize why this band is hard to categorize. The “Holocaust of Thought is a minute and a half instrumental track with James Murphy's (ex-Testament and Death) participation, so as you may have noticed that this is an album without a single “filler; each track serves a purpose and exists as a part of a grand total. This is why there's no reason to describe every song on its own like I usually do.
The one hour trip through “This Godless Endeavor ends with the self titled 9-minute song and seals this stunning work that may as well qualify as a top candidate for the album of the year.
Technically, this is their top achievement and there's no doubt about it. Many believe that this is probably their best release so far in every aspect; that purely relies on one's subjective opinion though I'm not far from agreeing. The lyrics are simply a raging fire that burns everything that's bothering us in our lives. Their songs can be listened by everyone and be truly understood by a few, that's why you'll realize new things every time you listen to their albums. This is a blend of great new things with everything they've done till now, including Sanctuary; just notice the similarities of this cover with the Into the Mirror Black one, probably a tribute to their past.
Enough said already, you just need to own this rollercoaster of emotions; a true metal masterpiece.

5 Star Rating

Final Product
My Acid Words
Bittersweet Feast
Sentient 6
Medicated Nation
The Holocaust Of Thought
Sell My Heart For Stones
The Psalm Of Lydia
A Future Uncertain
This Godless Endeavor
Warrel Dane - Vocals
Jeff Loomis - Guitar
Steve Smyth - Guitar
Jim Sheppard - Bass
Van Williams - Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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