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Neverworld - Dreamsnatcher

by VR at 24 November 2016, 10:48 AM

The United Kingdom is a hotbed for Heavy Metal acts, and from Bedfordshire hails, NEVERWORLD, a traditional Heavy Metal band with just a tinge of Thrash Metal infused into their music. They formed in the year 2009 and released "Visions Of Another World" in the year 2014, on Dream Demon Recordings label. The follow up to that album, "Dreamsnatcher", released in 2016, is much heavier, melodic, and progressive than their previous effort. As one can imagine, most bands that play Heavy Metal are usually influenced by NWOBHM giants like IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST. It certainly helps that the band not only is influenced by these acts, but also by bands like MEGADETH, VAN HALEN, and FATES WARNING, among others.

"Into The Mouth Of Madness" has an acoustic start and one can almost hear the music reach its crescendo and the melody explode. It does start off a tad sluggishly, with it being instrumental, well into the two minutes. The lead then takes off and suddenly you know in your heart that this track is definitely going to be great! Midway through the song, a thrashy riff kicks in and Ben Colton shows off his vocal range. A thoroughly enjoyable track. "Dreamsnatcher" is a more thrashy-ier song and begins with a galloping riff, complimented by a lead guitar solo. Midway through the song, I thought, the band loses the plot and it gives the listener a little lag, to maybe take the trash out. However, the twin lead guitar on this track is rather stupendous. "Fall Forever" takes birth as a ballad-y track backed by acoustic guitar strumming. It includes some heavy power chords, as well as a very skilled lead guitar solo. The songs take the listener through various speeds and moods. "Face The Fear", the last track of the album, kicks off ominously before a rocking riff takes over. Drenched in the NWOBHM sound, it is an interesting track with changing cadence and is accompanied by screeching soaring vocals. A fitting end to a wholesome album no doubt.

Listening to the album I couldn't help hearing similarities between the vocals of Ben Colton and the way Blaze Bailey approached his singing duties. That was the first thing that struck me about the album. The production on the album is rather competent, and each instrument is rather audible. The album is inundated with traditional riffs, lofty guitar solos, and admirable organ pieces. The organ bit was a surprise, as most traditional Heavy Metal acts tend to stay away from using the instrument in their sound. But I thought, it complimented their sound wonderfully and added a new dimension to the music. However, I did find the vocal a tad tedious in places and out of tune in some places. This doesn't take anything away from the record and it is a great record to listen to and it provides you with enough places to headbang! This is a great record and the band should be definitely proud of it.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Into The Mouth Of Madness
2. Dreamsnatcher
3. Armies Of The Night
4. Passion Killers
5. Under The Asylum
6. Fall Forever
7. Am I Am
8. Awakening
9. The Grand Illusion
10. Face The Fear
Ben Colton - Vocals, Guitars
Jack Foster - Guitars
Mike Vaughan - Drums
Daniel Potter - Keyboards
Gary Payne - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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