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New Device - Here We Stand Award winner

New Device
Here We Stand
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 02 May 2013, 1:56 PM

NEW DEVICE is a Hard Rock band from South East England, UK. The band was formed in London in October 2007. Their first album "Takin' Over" was released in 2009 and their second album "Here We Stand” is right around the corner. The band's style is rooted within the limits of classic 80s Hard Rock / Metal, influenced by bands such as AEROSMITH, SKID ROW, METALLICA and GUNS 'N' ROSES.

Title track at the opening plate, "Here We Stand”, stores the power, passion and energy of youth. It channels on the drumming, guitar riffs with plenty melodies and the general aura. The catchy “On Your Knees“ is pretty assorted style wise while “Do Or Die” lived up to be the mega catchy outcome of this album. This track is balladry with placid drums and guitars at beginning, melodic singing, and well played keyboards. “Waiting For A Deadman” and “Feel The Wrath” displays so much vigor, as if this band is unstoppable with this decisive music, powerful singing by vocalist Daniel Leigh, wonderful melodic choruses, whereas the latter song is bashing with titanic drumming by Roz Ison. In overall I had the feeling of the RAMONES, yet the grand guitar riffs played by St Nick Jones and Matt Mallery reminded me more of 80s Rock than Punk. The fast paced rhythm section, bass played by Nick Hughes. “Feel The Wrath” has unbelievable supremacy. Influences of the modern age of Rock / Emo such as MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, PANIC AT THE DISCO or even PAPA ROACH can be found on “Away From Here”. It displays heavier riffs, noise and melodic singing. "Save Your Life” demonstrates the touch of commercialism, a potential hit and catchy as hell. “End Of Hope” is a like taking a break from the fury as the ballad “New York”. ”Another Life” providing more of the band's multi dimensions, and “Wreckage Of Me“ mixing heaviness with a little more subtle climate.

NEW DEVICE is playing great music, every song, even the delicate ones, is a piece of raw energy. Along with their 80s conceptions, NEW DEVICE is a part of the big scene, adjusting some of their stuff in the vein of PANIC AT THE DISCO, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, GREEN DAY, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND or THREE DAYS GRACE. Their simple way in playing of music with catchy melody and youthful clout is very enjoyable! I can sincerely recommend this album.

4 Star Rating

1. Here We Stand
2. Away From Here
3. New York
4. On Your Knees
5. Do Or Die
6. Another Life
7. Feel The Wrath
8. Save Your Life
9. Waiting For A Deadman
10. Wreckage Of Me
11. End Of Hope
Daniel Leigh - Lead Vocal
Roz Ison - Drums
Nick Hughes - Bass
St Nick Jones - Guitar
Matt Mallery - Guitar
Record Label: Southworld Recordings


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