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New Disorder - Straight To The Pain

New Disorder
Straight To The Pain
by Matan "Shouter" Yaniv at 26 June 2015, 11:42 PM

NEW DISORDER is an Alternative Metal band that coming stright from Rome, Italy. The band is playing a combination of Rock, Metal and Punk Rock music to create their own, unique sound. The band formed in 2009 and their debut album released 4 years after in 2013. In an impressive way, the band already managed to do another album only two years after the first one. "Straight To The Pain" is the band second studio album that fell straight into my hands.

The album starts with heavy guitars, gritty, Hard Rock singing and Alternative rhythm in "Never Too Late To Die". The elements of the song and the impressive lyrics might lead us to one great piece. You may know the saying, "you can't see the forest from the trees", when there are so many things in one place that you can’t see the full picture. That is exactly the problem in this song; it feels like the band wanted this song to be perfect so badly that they put so many elements in that song. It didn’t help; we can’t hear the song for all the elements. It makes the parts of the song have no connection to each other.

It makes the album to be more confusing. For example the huge amount of guitar solos in its songs. I’m not saying that to add a lot of solos is bad, but I think that the solos have to come in parts that need solos, not in the verses or on every chorus.

Is that to say the album doesn’t have fun tracks? No, it doesn’t. Even with the problems inside, it still contains songs that are fun to listen to. "A Senseless Tragedy" is an example for that, though not close to being masterpiece-material, it’s still entertaining. Even when these songs have too many pieces, it’s still a song that might be really fun to hear in a concert or at a party.

Some of the songs were so entertaining that I could ignore the problems such as "Straight to the Pain" that had a touch to the shows. There are a few songs in the album that I couldn’t ignore from the problems like "Judgement Day" that weren’t quite on the same level. Still, it’s hard not to see the band's investment in those songs and the great performances they give. I think that if the band were working less from the mind and more from the emotion, they could do a much better album.

The best track on the album in my opinion is "Whats Your Aim (Call It Insanity)" which is more dark and emotional. The heavy riffs and the unnecessary guitar solos have been replaced by a cleaner guitar. All the parts in the song come together and each one has connection to the other. Does it make it a perfect song? No. The thing that was really missing in this song is really highlight moment. The chorus is kind of a wowzer but is not getting this job done.. Still, it’s a dark and very good song that keeps the message of the band right where it should.
In the bottom line, I do say that I admire how the band invested in this album. The sound and the production are amazing. Still, the band could perhaps do with writing a song which does not come about simply by creating more and more guitar solos and effects, if they wish to draw people in. Still the band knows how to have fun, and I think that the album will work very well for people who will want to turn off their mind and to enjoy and pure and fun Alternative music.

3 Star Rating

1. Into The Pain
2. Never Too Late To Die
3. Senseless Tragedy
4. Judgement Day
5. Straight To The Pain
6. Whats Your Aim (Call It Insanity)
7. Lost In London
8. Love Kills Anyway
9. Bitch On My Wall
10. The Perfect Time
11. The Beholder
Francesco Lattes- Vocals
Fabrizio Proietti - guitar
Alessandro Cavalli - Guitar
Luca Mancini - Drums
Ivano Adamo - Bass, Vocals
Record Label: Agoge Records


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