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New Hate Rising – Miles Award winner

New Hate Rising
by William Travers at 02 June 2020, 12:59 AM

When one thinks of German Heavy Metal, you cannot help but conjure up images of Heavy Thrash or Industrial bands, with the likes of RAMMSTEIN, KREATOR or for the more classical listener SCORPIONS. With the generational shift in full effect we see the rise of younger bands and with them, their own unique sound. Why reinvent the wheel when you can just put your own stamp on it?

Such is the case with NEW HATE RISING. A new wave of Hardcore band with 13 years of history as they unveil their 5th studio album. “Miles” is their most recent chapter in their history and they are here to make their mark.

The artwork is simple and memorable with a lone individual and his guitar on a bridge casting a gaze into the distance. The choice of shot for the photography is very well done, as the flat landscape adds that one can see the distance to the horizon. One could describe this large distance as… Miles.

Opening the album is “Roll The Dice” the building whine of the melancholy guitar accented by the remainder of the band as the tension builds until release into “Miles”. What a release it is, with energy and electricity the listener is thrown full tilt into the bands sound. The relentless assault is raw and uncompromising, as a listener you cannot help but want to move. The main body is complimented by a stripped back section that adds a depth to the song as a whole before ripping into a sublime guitar solo.
The energy continues into the album’s scream along track of “Black And White” and picks up speed as we hit “Pain”, NEW HATE RISING is showing no signs of tiring or slowing by this point. Vast swathes of energy, aggression and attitude are delivered throughout both tracks.

“Rise And Fall” again is a song you just want to be standing with fans and belting your lungs out, dancing and moshing as the electricity of the album continues and you find yourself flowing into the next track. “One More Dance” all of the band members have shown a high level of skill with their respective instruments and a deep knowledge of music, the structure, flow and overall sound f each track to this point has been impeccable.

“Water And Wine” opens with the most aggressive riffage that we have heard so far, in fact the entire track is aggressive, heavy and full of attitude. “A New Start” gives us a slight respite with clean guitars and vocals throughout the majority before crescendoing into a blow out ending as everything aligns together to create a shining example of how to utilise different levels of layers and how to use the varying different depths of heaviness to create a memorable track.

As we travel along the back end of the album, I would like to bring your attention to two tracks in particular. “Mein Herz” takes a bit of time to build up from a raucous energetic intro into all out chaos, it would have to be my pick of the album, there is just so much energy behind the music and you can feel as though NEW HATE RISING really had some fun writing this one. Finally, “OSOB” which truly sees the album out in style, musical ability being showcased throughout, and the final drawn out note that you just don’t want to end, like at the end of a gig.

Overall, I loved this album. It was exciting, memorable and enjoyable from start until finish. All members of the band played their parts perfectly and I really hope to see NEW HATE RISING come to the UK sometime so that I can enjoy the music as it should, live and surrounded by likeminded fans.

Song writing: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Roll The Dice
2. Miles
3. Black And White
4. Pain
5. Rise And Fall
6. One More Dance
7. Water & Wine
8. A New Start
9. Choose The Devil
10. Mein Herz – Feat. Matzo (TLUF)
11. Carry On
12. When It Counts (We Are One)
13. OSOB
Andi – Vocals
Schlacks – Guitar
Tino – Guitar
Toni - Drums
Record Label: Swell Creek Records


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