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New Mecanica - Vehement

New Mecanica
by Robert Amer at 01 January 2019, 8:28 AM

It can be difficult for artists to cultivate a unique sound, especially in the realms of alternative Rock and Metal. Within these musical spheres, tried and tested song structures can become bland and some bands end up prioritizing structure—and by proxy marketability— over fluid expression, often resulting in an overtly manufactured product. Portugal’s NEW MECANICA has done a great job maintaining satisfying song structures while using a myriad of musical devices that communicate a deep and genuine sense of connection to the themes expressed in the quintet’s latest release, “Vehement”.

Depending on the band’s songwriting process, either the guitars are written in a way that effectively support the lyrics and vocal lines, or the words and melodies are tailored to the music in a similar manner. Regardless, it sounds as if these parts inform the other in an extremely complimentary and natural way. In the opening track, “A Second”, the guitars mirror the vocals throughout, from the aggressive verse, the dazed quality of the pre-chorus that prompts the energetic shift in the musically and philosophically galvanizing chorus, and the resolute, southern rock-inspired bridge. “Two Worlds” also showcases this adept interplay between the vocals and guitars, especially in the opening verse; it begins with an intentionally disjunct exposition, a call and return between the unified instruments and isolated vocals, depicting the disconnect regarding one’s mental world and reality expressed in the lyrics.

Many songs also contain organic and interesting instrumental sections. “Clouded” boasts a complimenting instrumental section in a solid Hard Rock track. “Vehement” is the song that most resembles a ballad, and has the album’s most melodious guitar solo in a release abounding with such displays. Another exceptional solo follows a dark buildup in “Lost Paradise”. Throughout the album, Dinho’s versatile vocal delivery comprising of screams, situational colored melodic vocals, and pitched speech transparently communicate the lyrics. Vocals spanning such a spectrum can often become formulaic, with one type of delivery becoming more typical in a verse or chorus, but consistently the vocal shades are chosen because of suitability, versus a rigid idea of what the public might like.

“Vehement” is NEW MECANICA’S third album since releasing its debut in 2008. Whatever the reason for the length of time between releases, it has been a fruitful process that has produced a strong musical showing. It is difficult to lump the band into a singular genre; it shows hints of Hard Rock, Alternative, Hardcore, and Southern Rock, but definitely maintains a metallic bite. With a good amount of lyrical substance, varied, but well-defined musical ideas, structural accessibility, and energetic delivery, NEW MECANICA vehemently impress with their new album.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. A Second
2. Chronophobia
3. Lost Paradise
4.Two Worlds
5. Reflect
6. Written
7. Clouded
8. Vehement
9. Never Fade
10. Journey
Dinho - Vocals
André - Guitar
Pepe - Guitar
PH - Bass
Bunny - Drums
Record Label: WormHoleDeath


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Edited 18 September 2019

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