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New Device - Takin Over (CD)

New Device
Takin Over
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 07 September 2009, 12:46 PM

Most of the times that I come across a band that is releasing a debut album relatively quickly after the formation and are subject to serious promotion I become really skeptic about the music. I know that this is the work way to go as an editor but as I said many time before the album reviews are the subjective look of the guys who writes them. Ok, now that I relieved my mind from this burden I will try to introduce NEW DEVICE to you and possibly to your ears.
This is a UK based band and comprises already experienced musicians who have already done some time on-stage and in the studio with other bands. So, it is not of a big surprise to see that Powerage Records offered them a record deal and two years after the band's birth releases Takin' Over. My initial skepticism was additionally pumped by the music tag NEW DEVICE have on their Myspace page; Rock / Classic Rock / Alternative ! Come on guys did you have to use the world alternative? But, I am a strong character and added the mp3 in my PC's play-list and hit the 'play' button (yep there are no promo CDs now, just mp3s).
Make My Day kicks in with a Glam 'looking' guitar riff and then hits the mainstream sound with an almost PAPA ROACH sound. I said 'almost' since the chorus follows the Glam recipe from the 80s that seemed to be reactivated judging by the fans reaction to similar releases. I have to give them some credit for sounding more up-to-date since I hate the bands that try to re-capture the 80s feeling by just copying the respective and successful acts for that decade. Never Say Never hits hard with a sleazy guitar riff and a heavier rhythm attitude that last until the easy-to-digest and remember chorus. I sure could mention SKID ROW, GUNS 'N ROSES, WARRIOR SOUL and MOTLEY CRUE among their influences list but this could be misleading since the mainstream atmosphere is all around. You've Got It Comin' is the classic hit-to-be comprising a catchy main melody, an arena sounding attitude with some Slash guitar leads that actually top things off. On Fire is my album favorite due to the excellent groove of the opening riff and overall sleaze mood that is just perfect for Rock clubs and alcohol consuming. The vocals by Daniel Leigh are characterized as typical without a timbre to remember but are fit for this sound while can handle the mellow moments as heard in the heart-breaking ballad In The Fading Light.
The entire album continues in the same vein delivering easy-to-listen music without something really special that can captive even the die-hard fans of this sound. There is no doubt that NEW DEVICE has musicians that know their way around music. On the other hand, while listening the album I got the impression that this band has not yet solidify a certain musical direction producing song with an already pre-defined music character. It is just like they order what they like and Takin' Over was created leaving aside the so-needed feeling. Check out below the first video from this album for the homonymous track.

2 Star Rating

Make My Day
Never Say Never
You've Got It Comin'
In The Fading Light
On Fire
Pedal To The Metal
Until The End
Moth To The Flame
Seven Nights, Seven Bodies
Heaven Knows
Hope Is Not Enough
No One Does It Better Than Me
Daniel Leigh - Vocals
Phil Kinman - Lead Guitar
Robb Wybrow - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Andy Saxton - Bass
Rozzy Ison - Drums
Record Label: Powerage Records


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