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Newman - Aerial Award winner

by Tina Webber at 02 December 2017, 2:11 PM

Formed in 1997, NEWMAN always delivers consistency and quality in the melodic rock realm. “Aerial” is no exception.  “Aerial” can be added to another fresh hit in NEWMAN’s discography.  It is also the perfect album to lure in new followers.  If you are new to NEWMAN, don’t worry, it’s okay. NEWMAN has created 10 other albums for you to enjoy as well. Definitely take a listen to the album, “The Art Of Balance.” While “Aerial” is still a highly praised album, “The Art of Balance” still holds the title to NEWMAN’s best. Regardless, you can count on NEWMAN to give you good music to listen to.

“Aerial” features twelve tracks, all of which are consistent to the standards of melodic rock and exceeding expectation. The artwork of “Aerial” is a classy, tranquil piece of work which should give you an idea on what to expect– quality, consistency, classy, and inspiring musicianship and nothing less. “Aerial” is full of catchy choruses, vibrant hooks, and melodies that make this album extremely enjoyable.  Songs like “I Can’t Stop Loving You,” is on repeat on my media player. I can’t stop playing it over and over. “Always Strangers,” and “Don’t Wake The Lion” are some of the album’s highlight features. The vocals of Steve Newman just hit in all the right places, highly aligned with the music and filled with soul and passion that instantly hooks you and makes you want to sing along at the top of your lungs in the car. Who cares if people are staring, you are listening to great music and it needs to be heard, damnit! Think JOURNEY but a little heavier.

“Aerial” begins its show with “Fear of Flying,” packed with lots of heavy punches and bold riffs.“Vertigo (Leap Of Faith)” is another great track featuring crisp riffs that are complimented by the keyboard. “Vertigo (Leap Of Faith)” is a beautiful combination of notes that have created a melodic rock bliss.  Highly recommended!

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production:  10

4 Star Rating

1. Fear Of Flying
2. Don't Wake The Lion
3. Can't Stop Loving You
4. Life To Remember
5. High Tonight (Aerial)
6. Vertigo (Leap Of Faith)
7. Two Sides
8. I Am Your Man
9. Always Strangers
10. Nothing Left
11. Still Bleeding
12. You Don't Know Me 
Steve Newman (and Guests)
Record Label: AOR Heaven


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