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Nexus Opera - La Guera Granda

Nexus Opera
La Guera Granda
by Kevin Lewis at 01 June 2021, 12:06 PM

NEXUS OPERA is an Italian band formed in Rome in 2003. Combining elements of Power, Symphonic and Epic Metal, NEXUS OPERA cover World War I on this album, writing songs that detail events from 1915 – 1918 in Europe, one of the harshest times in human history. Released on April 23, 2021 via Revalve Records, "La Guera Granda" is the second full-length record from the band.

The record opens with “Great Call To Arms,” a rapid-fire song with a power metal riff with a nice keyboard tone mixed in. The drums teeter between subdued fills and lightning-fast patterns. The backing chants give depth to the vocals and provide a bit of extra sound that emphasizes the breadth and depth of the lyrics. This is the song that sets the tone for the record and prepares the listener for battle. The rhythm is frenetic and driving, letting you know they mean business.

Strafexpedition” has female vocals and really nice keyboard work that offsets the guitars and gives the song a bit more of a symphonic feel. The epic battle music is still present, but mixed well with the symphonic elements. “Raid Over Vienna” goes back to more of the Power Metal feel, both lyrically and musically. The keyboard and guitar solo trade-offs are classic.

Jumping down to “Dreams Fade Away,” we get a song with a quick Spanish guitar intro that adds some interesting flair. The song is slow and tense, indicating a likely shift into a higher gear. The addition of the female vocals is a nice touch. The anticipation finally pays off a little after the halfway mark. The guitar solo and the outro really rip. The wait was worth it.

Trenches” is the song that just shreds from the get-go. This is Power Metal as it should be, making your pulse race, head bang and arms move. You cannot sit still while listening to this one. “The Mine” and “The River” are both a bit more melodic. Featuring longer solos and a more complex composition, “The River” is a song to take to battle. The backing vocals give the song more force and show a unity that is meant to drive the enemy back.

The longest song on the record is “If Even The Sky Burns,” the seven minute epic tale all good Power Metal records of war have on it. The interlude in the middle provides a melodic setup for the outro and the final song, “Ignoto Militi,” the instrumental that closes the record. Using somber tones and a darker feel at the start, the build and climax are a nice wrap to a good album.

NEXUS OPERA is a group of talented musicians in a genre where it is difficult to stand out. Their sophomore effort works hard at fitting in while not just blending into the background. Their use of almost choir like backing vocals and the interaction of the keyboards with the guitars help this band be more than just a dual guitar driven Power Metal band.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  7
Production:  7

4 Star Rating

1. Great Call To Arms
2. Strafexpedition
3. Raid Over Vienna
4. M.A.S.
5. Dreams Fade Away
6. Trenches
7. The Mine
8. The River
9. If Even The Sky Burns
10. Ignoto Militi
Davide Aricò – Vocals
Natale Cosenza – Bass
Alessandro Novelli – Drums
Marco Giordanella – Guitar
Alessandro Pinna – Guitar
Gianfrancesco Araneo – Keyboards
Record Label: Revalve Records


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Edited 27 September 2022

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