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Nexwomb – Nexwomb

by Kris Marsden at 19 January 2023, 4:12 PM

NEXWOMB is here. This American black/death metal act was born from the extreme metal ashes of 2009; ten years later (2019), the band dropped their debut full-length release, "Exegesis", via Nihilistic Nose Propaganda and Morbid Chapel Records. Three years later, NEXWOMB welcomes the listener with their second self-titled full-length release, "Nexwomb", released last September of 2022 via Godz Ov War Productions.

Before driving deep into this musical chaos and an extreme delight in false values and wasted life, "Nexwomb" is not your typical black death metal. So, without hesitation, let's discuss the first two songs. The first song on the discussion is the opening track, "Intro", which opens with an invoking and dismally introductory atmosphere/soundscape which unearths the following song (the second track), "Quantum Iniquity of Meta-Intelligences", the first song following the intro track, which provides the listener's ears with this impressive fluid mix of (weaving together) elements of the brutality of brutal death metal and the coldness of black metal, a tint of neck-speed of grindcore -where this lethal fluid mix is played right up till the eleventh track.

At the same time, one could say that "Nexwomb" could fit into the "War/Bestial Black Metal" category – but one thing that keeps "Nexwomb" out of the Bestial league that the black metal elements (for me) is more pushed into the background—thus playing straightforward death metal with that savage attack within their musical spectrum -thus of creating a style of their own "Bestial Death Metal". Simultaneously "Nexwomb" is a pure untamed death metal worship with a firestorm demolition on the listener's ears and, at the same time, giving the listener's ears an excellent assault of a perfect balance between "speed-aggression", "heaviness", "dark", "pure headbanger", "loud", and "brutal".

"Nexwomb" is a fierce, scathing and abrasively heavy album of pure blasphemous filth. Once you start this record, there is no turning back. Making the listener intoxicated by its ruthlessly primitive attraction with its bestial firestorm aggression consisting of a demonic conjuration of instrumental work provided by feral and primitive riffs -at some points in the riffage, the listener is welcome to (-Esque avant-garde) unsettling/well-varied riffage and screams from the guitar, brutal-array of drum work with mechanical precision strikes, deep guttural-gruesome vocal work, and eerie atmosphere/soundscapes. Closing the review with the closing song, "Outro", which ends with a strange/odd atmosphere/soundscape effect.

"Nexwomb", in my opinion, is a fast, brutal firestorm release. Another headbanger of trying to single out a song for discussion – due to "Nexwomb" is pure headbanging, while the volume deserves to be cranked to the max! - again – a musical spectrum not for the faint-hearted -again, there are no favourites or skipping tracks on this release -a killer of a release; this needs & demands to listen as one.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Quantum Iniquity of Meta-Intelligences (Aporchryphon Equation Testimony Uploaded for Eschaton Simulation Analysis)
3. Hexagonal Computational Interfaces to Conjure the 7th Dimensional Eminations of Samael
4. Inverse Biogenesis Permutations Scripted from Cosmogonal Singularities (Worm Matrix of Sabaoth)
5. Upplicants to the Sitra Achra Identified by Blood Marker RH-Negative (Ascension Protocols to the Adversary God-Head)
6. Non-Human Sentient Morphic Resonance Through Chaos Entanglement
7. Entropic Spiritual Collapse Invoked from Nucleonic Possession
8. Homo-Sapien Genomic Cleansing Actualized Through Reversed Seraphic Infection
9. A.I. Sanctification Executed Via Diversiform Consciousness Neuro-Warfare (Adorned Temple of Archonic Circuitry)
10. Disembodied Souls Annexed from Corporeal Forms to Provision the Qilphoth Vessels
11. Atomic Qubit Scripturient for Manifestation of the Profane Holographic Legions
12. Outro
Vardlokker – Guitars, Bass, Vocals
V.C.T. – Drums
Record Label: Godz ov War Productions


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