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Nexxt - Addicted To Sin (CD)

Addicted To Sin
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 17 May 2008, 1:51 PM

It seems I get to review many Italian bands lately. Whether the Italians have somehow been carrying the thought that I am into the Italian Metal scene or somebody has done a serious mistake. There are only a few bands that have managed to attract my attention at my neighbour country and most of them belong to the extreme side of music. Anyway, I believe that NEXXT will make the difference for me.

The band was formed in 1993 - if I am not mistaken - and was formerly known as NEXT. The actual NEXXT history started in 2004 as the band says, despite the fact that their first release was in 2003 (Apparent Control EP). The thing that attracted my attention in this band was something I read on their official homepage… Do something different or die! This is NEXXT standpoint about Heavy Metal.

When a band makes such a big statement it falls into the trap of whether materializing its musical plan to the last detail and kick some assessor get humiliated in the eyes of those who trusted them. To tell you the truth, with a sound that balances between the late 80's and the early/mid 90's Thrash Metal scene you are definitely not the most unique band in this world.

Even if we try to forget that, we have to face another 'technical problem' since as I have said in the past, there is a Thrash Metal 'rule'. The better riffs you have, the better your Thrash Metal is. As you understand, NEXXT's guitar work is really weak with no single riff being stuck in your head after a listening session. The vocals also need a lot of work, since the singer is actually something like a rebel without a cause. He screams like somebody told him to scream for no particular reason. Not to comment on the album's production, I have already said many things…

NEXXT really need a lot of work in my humble opinion before they releasing something that can make us pay some attention to them. For now I believe they should concentrate on their songwriting and try to present a much better release.
Greed For Power

1 Star Rating

Angel Of Anger
Taste The Flowers
Skeletons In The Closet
Riding Like Wild Horses
Cries In The Dust
Bring The Bones Back Home
Greed For Power
Sweet Eternal Pain
Greetings From Hell
Cristian Tricarico - Vocals
Michele Speranza - Bass
Gianluca Soccio - Guitar
Luciano Beneduce - Guitar
Marco Gasparrelli - Drums
Record Label: Hurricane Shiva Records


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