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Niacin - Organik (CD)

by Panagiotis Koutsompogeras at 04 November 2005, 8:33 AM

Niacin, also known as nicotinic acid or vitamin B3, is a water-soluble vitamin whose derivatives such as NADH play essential roles in energy metabolism in the living cell. The designation vitamin B3 also includes the amide form, nicotinamide or niacinamide. Severe lack of niacin causes the deficiency disease pellagra, whereas a mild deficiency slows down the metabolism, which in turn decreases cold tolerance and is a potential contributing factor towards obesity. Uh huh? Say what? What the heck? Is this Metal Temple or Science Online?
Additionally Niacin is a band that started out back in 1996 when Billy Sheehan, John Novello and Dennis Chambers decided to put some songs together and express themselves in a new way - with no restrictions! Their music and sound is based around the mighty and majestic Hammond B3 Organ - an instrument that was a building block of Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Progressive, Motown, Funk, and Soul, as well as a lot of popular music. There was a time when the unmistakable Hammond sound was more important than a guitar in a band!
The band's musical direction dates back to the late 60's / early 70's Prog Rock roots; people like King Crimson, PFM, Gentle Giant, early Genesis and of course, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, a classic B-3 band, that Niacin often gets compared to. Keyboardist John Novello is, in essence, the guitarist and lead vocalist of Niacin even if he accomplishes the entire ball of wax on his coterie of B-3 vocabularies.
Bass monster Billy Sheehan has worked in the past with mega Rock bands such as Talas, David Lee Roth and Mr. Big, thus Niacin is the continuation of his legendary march through the fields of Rock. Even though there are no guitars for a total of 61 minutes and 47 seconds, you will not get bored, not at all.
Here you will find music which belongs to the so called Fusion music genre. Occasionally played slap bass tunes, progressive Fusion attitude, combined with the whole organ attitude are self evident here. This bass / keyboard oriented trio will definitely be a “must for bass / Hammond freaks. There are extensive keyboard solos from time to time, while the bass lines create a monstrous wall of tight rhythm sections as well as certain interesting lead parts for sure.
You should also check out Niacin's releases such as Deep and Time Crunch in order to obtain a more detailed approach of the band. In addition you can also ear investigate out Robert Walter's “Super Heavy Organ if you wanna have an additional touch of the Hammond organ. So if severe lack of niacin causes deficiency diseases and you do not want your ear to start falling off, it is advised that you listen to these fabulous music-vitamin prescription masters!
- Album Highlights: Barbarian @ The Gate, King Kong, Super Grande, Magnetic Mood, Stumble On The Truth.

3 Star Rating

Barbarian @ The Gate
King Kong
Super Grande
Magnetic Mood
Hair Of The Dog
4's 3
Stumble On The Truth
Club Soda
No Shame
Clean House
Footprints In The Sand
Billy Sheehan - Bass
John Novello - Hammond B3, Piano & Rhodes
Dennis Chambers - Drums
Record Label: Magna Carta Records


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