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Nicarus – Coal People Coal Puppets Award winner

Coal People Coal Puppets
by Kacie Reilly at 15 December 2020, 6:17 PM

NICARUS is back again with an amazing, entirely self-produced album “Coal People Coal Puppets”. This band is a project by Tali Green, who is the vocalist, producer, sound engineer, and guitarist for the album. Green is from Israel and released her first EP “Holy Sun Father Spirit” in 2019. Now, she has outdone herself with a new album set to release in January 2021. This is her second album, comprised of six tracks, and has been a do-it-yourself project from beginning to end. The production quality is astonishing for a self-made album and I am thoroughly impressed by the artist’s raw talent.

The biggest draw of the album for me was the vocals. Tali Green has an entrancing voice that really carries you away and each track from “Coal People Coal Puppets” makes you want to sing along with her. Within this self-production, Green has included instrumental breaks that include memorable recited poems and widely known historical recordings that provide an almost nostalgic ambiance to the album. Throughout the album, Green creates so much depth that it’s astounding. She has used a combination of soft angelic vocals and distant echoing screams that draws you in.

The first track that I want to speak on is “Coal People Coal Puppets”. This is the third track of the album, and the lyrics are of a haunting tone. The artist has included a brief recording at the close of the track regarding old ritual practice, and the feeling that settles into my core when I play this song is unnerving in the most artistic way. The next track, and my personal favorite from the album, is “The Architect Of Grime”, which begins with less angelic sounding vocals and screams being heard as almost an echo. This is the fourth track of the album and there is a much more punk sound instrumentally that really makes you want to sing along to the lyrics. The element of this track that really caught my attention was the poem recited during the instrumental break. What carried me away is the effect created of a sort of poem within a poem. The reciting begins in the middle of the track which caught me off guard, but at the poem’s close you are led back into the artist’s world with a heavy drum beat that pulls you back into the song. This track was stitched together flawlessly and effectively astonished me.

The overall tone of the album is entrancing, and each track makes you want to listen again and sing along. The instruments aid in putting the spotlight on the vocals, and every note pulls you closer to the artist. “Coal People Coal Puppets” is an album born of raw talent and perseverance that left me wishing for more.  From vocals to production, Tali Green has given this album life. With each passing track, I was left speechless, and I cannot wait to hear what comes next from NICARUS.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. We Can See Their Lies
2. Are You Afraid To Die Alone
3. Coal People Coal Puppets
4. The Architect Of Grime
5. The Stuff You Pack When You Are A Time Traveler
6. With Storms We Thrive
Tali Green – Vocalist, Producer, Sound Engineer, and Guitarist
Record Label: Independent


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