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Nickelback - All The Right Reasons (CD)

All The Right Reasons
by Michael Dalakos at 14 November 2005, 7:06 AM

Fuck yeah! Good Rock is always good Rock! And fuck all these so called Metal media that snob bands that sell 5,000,000 million copies - yeah, you prefer your Metal dinosaur bands releasing three live albums and four collections every year. All The Right Reasons is fucking sincere down to its core. Can it be otherwise? How many bands that sell such numbers get heavier as time passes by? Not that many, right? Most of them mellow things down in order to attract more listeners / buyers.
Nickelback became ultra popular with their second album, Silver Side Up (that sold 6,000,000 copies and went triple platinum in the U.S.). Some songs from this album, that you have all heard if you live on planet Earth, are Too Bad, How You Remind Me and Never Again. With their third album, The Long Road, the band showed a more diverse face - most known songs that spawned from this album are Someday and Feeling Too Damn Good.
Nickelback's fourth album brings a lineup change in the band since Daniel Adair is the new man behind the drum set. From the first listening of the album, it is more than obvious that the band got heavier. The songs are more heavy oriented, have a street attitude, a southern vibe and a HEAVY production. Follow You Home or (the nasty) Animals will prove me right. Don't make me mention Side Of A Bullet and All The Wrong Reasons that would probably make any radio station that plays serious music run for cover. The material is also more diverse compared to all their previous albums.
The lyrics are once again quite personal at times. Let's face it: who can hear a song like Photograph and manage not to shed a tear for all the lost yesterdays? Thumbs up also for the exceptional lyrical approach of Side Of A Bullet - damn, you guys are right!
All The Right Reasons indeed offers… all the right reasons for a pleasant listening. Nickelback will probably sell less with this one? But who cares (maybe their label), this is good music and fans of Rock should check it out with no hesitations whatsoever.

4 Star Rating

Follow You Home
Fight For All The Wrong Reasons
Savin' Me
Next Contestant
Side Of A Bullet
If Everyone Cared
Someone That You Are With
Chad Kroeger - Vocals & Guitar
Ryan Peake - Guitar & Vocals
Mike Kroeger - Bass
Daniel Adair - Drums
Record Label: Roadrunner Records


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