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Nicta - Let The Darkness Welcome You - DEMO (CD)

Let The Darkness Welcome You - DEMO
by Michael Dalakos at 05 May 2005, 12:03 PM

The common problem with most extreme symphonic metal bands is that they can't fuse their countless ideas in mature compositions. I have witnessed this in several bands of this genre. I constantly complaining about this in most reviews I do for the genre because it is a shame for a band to be so skillful but fail to deliver.
Nicta emerged in the music scene back in 2001 and through the years its members have change the band's sound orientation several times. They have release so far two more demo (if I'm not mistaken I have listened their previous work too). As a band they have supported several known acts with live shows across their country, Italy.  
I could easily copy / paste my last review about extreme symphonic metal in this one. Nicta members are really skillful from a technical aspect. The guitar solos, the breaks, several melodic lines can be considered exceptional. However the problem remains the same: the songs sound most of the time as a forced stitching of various riffs, bridges and solos. What is the outcome of this? I can't understand if I am listening the beginning, the middle or the end of a song. The songs contains some stunning moments but by the time the listener gets to absorb the info he's already heard five or six more riffs. I'm not asking the band to simplify their music. They do need however to made up their mind on what exactly they want to play. Is it power metal? Death? Symphonic? It takes a lot of time for a band to put all this in a blender and create a solid outcome.
Some positive aspects in this demo is the production which I consider being of a professional level and the addition of female vocals by Federica Valarin that put some color in the compositions. So without being a bad demo I must say that I expect a lot more by talented musicians like the guys in Nicta.

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