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Nidingr - Greatest Of Deceivers Award winner

Greatest Of Deceivers
by Spyros Stasis at 07 January 2013, 1:32 PM

I was looking forward to this release since it featured two new members of two historic Black Metal bands. For anyone that does not know: Teloch is currently the new guitarist of MAYHEM, following Blasphemer’s departure and Blargh is the new guitarist of DODHEIMSGARD, and NIDINGR is the project that the two started back in the mid 90s. Following the release of two albums (“Sorrow Infinite and Darkness” and “Wolf-Father”), now with their new album “Greatest of Deceivers” the Norwegian blacksters show their full potential.

What you notice straight away is that the production is quite different to extreme metal bands (at least recent extreme metal releases). The drums are not triggered (finally!) and they are really natural warm sounding, but most importantly this is one of the few black metal albums were you will hear clearly the bass (which is awesome by the way). According to the band Teloch was in charge of the recording and after listening to “Greatest of Deceivers”, it is quite clear that the guy really knows what he is doing.

Musically NIDINGR style is quite similar to the last DODHEIMSGARD album. But I also think that VED BUENS ENDE heavily influences their sound, with the twisted VOIVOD influenced guitar sound and paranoid leads. Although the clean bits on the album are not so many, they do have something of the VED BUENS ENDE ambience, examples of that is songs like “Vim Patior” (about two minutes in the song) and “O Thou Empty God”, while in other occasions they manage to create an almost epic sound, like in the “The Worm Is Crowned” (featuring Garm of ULVER on vocals) in the last two minutes of the track. But NIDINGR take their music a step forward with their complex melodies and chaotic rhythms (perfect example of NIDINGR’s messing with the rhythm is the song “Rags Upon A Beggar”), creating dissonant songs that after a few listens will be stuck in your head.

Still they are influenced from more straight forward bands of the Black Metal scene and it is quite striking how they manage to retain their Black Metal raw, aggressive sound while at the same time include progressive elements and excellent musicianship. There is definitely some influence from MAYHEM and EMPEROR on the more melodic parts of the album (for example on the ending of “Mother of Abominations”) while the drumming of Øyvind Myrvoll can only be compared with drummers such as Hellhammer (MAYHEM, ARCTURUS and a million other projects) and Frost (SATYRICON, 1349 and also a million other projects). But still the most impressive aspect of NIDINGR for me would have to be the bass, Blargh and Teloch both play the bass on the record and their work is thrilling, up until I did not think that a bass could sound so grand on a black metal release.

All in all “Greatest Of Deceivers” is a great Black Metal album, combining black metal with extremely technical playing. It is definitely not something that can be categorized as easy listening and it will probably take you a few listens to really appreciate it due to its dissonant sound, but once you give it some time there is no way you will not be awestruck by NIDINGR. With this release I cannot wait to see how the next MAYHEM and DODHEIMSGARD albums will turn out, and I am quite optimistic for both.

4 Star Rating

1. Greatest of Deceivers
2. All Crowns Fall
3. O thou Empty God
4. The Balances
5. Vim Patior
6. Rags Upon A Beggar
7. The Worm Is Crowned
8. Pure Pale Gold
9. Mother of Abominations
10. Dweller in the Abyss
Teloch – Guitars, Bass
Blargh – Guitars, Bass
Cpt. Estrella Grasa – Vocals
Øyvind Myrvoll – Drums
Record Label: Indie Recordings


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