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Niels Vejlyt - The Sword of Ancient Myth Award winner

Niels Vejlyt
The Sword of Ancient Myth
by JOGANEGAR at 31 August 2018, 3:12 AM

The process of reviewing an album is not always as easy and joyful as some might think. Sometimes, just sometimes, you come across a piece of musical work that blows you away from the very first moment you listen to it. in accordance to an ever growing sense for honesty, at least in everything related to music, the opening track is always the first reference to a band or musician never heard before. After that, the remaining parts of the album along with a deep research on anything you can find, they start growing on you with every passing second and every note that is executed by the artists behind the instruments. the next step is wondering if this album is the answer to your prayers when you had that crazy idea, which you thought no one had ever had before, of a band combining, Neo Classical Orchestration with Power Metal and Shred Guitar. After the last note, you realize, it is. Niels Vejlyt is the main power, lead guitar player and composer in the international Neo Classical Symphonic Power Metal band SAGE'S RECITAL, and this Album, “The Sword Of Ancient Myth” might be considered what the most romantic ones would call his pièce du résistance.

Virtuosity is a term that falls short when it comes to describing this work of this unprecedented Power/Shred Metal combo. The amount of quality in the accomplishment of each  member and the presence of such powerful collaborators as the multitalented Metal Mezzo Soprano Ida Elena DeRazza, makes it a must have to those metalheads with special interests with creating a legacy for future generations through the creation of personal Metal vaults that will, perhaps, one day serve as the only testimony of the work of a true renaissance man. Along with the extent of his creativity in the peak of music creativity, production and music promotion in the 21st century.

This one is not a very easy record to review. For instance, each song could work as a separate work of art to depict the anthem of a time depicted, full of magic. With the gods of old in constant interaction with a few blessed and a few damned ones that could either be arisen in the flame of power by the divinities or fall in disgrace when under the clench of the dark powers of chaos and death. From odes to the beautiful and mystical power of the lake, often referenced in the multiverse of Metal, to majestic larger than life symphonies with a stream of infinite progressions of harmonic passages that seem to last for complete generations of different sensations that occur as the inevitable outcome of experiencing a track like "Excalibur " or "Wolf in the Snow".

Both unorthodox and classically oriented at the same time, “The Sword Of Ancient Myth” slices through any trace of mediocrity or neglect in the universe of musical creation. It sets a standard for both a progressive and a powerful work of Metal in every sense of the word, especially if you are fond of the six string instrument. A true and complete Musicgasm, if there is such a term, for both, power and shred Metal alike. The work of this virtuoso of the twenty first century who, besides being a talented composer, producer and guitar player, is also a proficient music teacher, with a very widely admired youtube channel of his own. Niels Vejlyt grants us with an album that is a must in every metalhead's collection in the world.

It's nothing but objectivity that's lost in the end when one comes across a piece of work that such accordingly fits one's personal taste, but prior to apologizing for this outburst of joy i want you to think of the album that turned you onto any sort of Metal sub genre when you first came across it. Then, imagine this one had a son and you start listening to it, maybe then, just maybe, you can begin to understand me. A piece of epic magical and medieval voyage into the ages of dragons, kings and wizards with the approach of the musical evolution in the year 2018. It’s a true example of evolution in an artist and the professionals that surround him to acquire an overwhelming piece of musical fantasia to live through the ages, only to be surpassed and complemented by a future work that will probably be equal or superior in quality, but, never unworthy of having it's presence known in the vaults of the Metal Temple. Six tracks that seem insufficient once the album is over, a stimulating and overwhelming power of fantasy will make you escape reality and embrace magic and honor, at least for 38 minutes.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Dragons in the Sky
2. The Sword of Ancient Myth
3. Excalibur
4. Wolf in the Snow
5. Arpeggio Suite
6. Fire and Grace
Marc Boals - Vocals

David Åkesson - Vocals
Søren Adamsen - Vocals
Mistheria - Vocals
Ida Elena DeRazza - Vocals
Jakob Vand - Drums

Niels Vejlyt - Guitar, Bass and Orchestrations
Bernardo Fesch - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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