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Night Crowned – Rebirth of the Old

Night Crowned
Rebirth of the Old
by Alex Barnard at 28 June 2022, 10:38 PM

NIGHT CROWNED is a Melodic Black/Death Metal band from Sweden. “Rebirth of the Old” is the group’s third EP, released by Noble Demon Records on March 18, 2022.

Musically, this band combines the symphonic elements of DIMMU BORGIR, the melodic sensibilities of early ARCTURUS, and the occasional brutality of classic groups like DARKTHRONE. Certain songs rely on one particular feature more than any of the others; for example, “Rex Tenebrae” really leans on the orchestral motifs, particularly during the bridge section. Meanwhile, the next track, “Shackled,” is an especially devastating number, perhaps the heaviest on the track listing. Thus, it’s quite obvious that NIGHT CROWNED has range.

Clearly, the group is made up of fine musicians. K. Romlin’s voice mostly displays the howling shrieks that Black Metal is known for, although he is also capable of producing a beautiful melodic singing voice, which he demonstrates on “Rex Tenebrae.” J. Jaloma’s drumming is militaristic and crushing, especially on “Born of the Flickering.” J. Eskilsson’s guitar playing is phenomenal, showing off incredible lead prowess on “A Fate Sealed In The Grave” while also highlighting that he can write some pretty incredible riffs – even if, at times, some of the melodic motifs are a little played out. And, last but not least, H. Liljesand proves to be the band’s ace in the hole, not only by filling out the groove with his bass playing, but also livening up the mix with his keyboard playing and extra guitar playing.

Again, my only criticism is that some of the melodies on this EP are a little bit hackneyed, in my opinion. There's a clear and obvious influence from NWOBHM bands that is present in this group’s music, which leads to some fairly typical melodic choices. It might be more interesting if the group had taken their melodies to more progressive heights, but that’s their prerogative, and they certainly don’t sound terrible.

Overall, this EP is pretty good. I enjoyed a lot of moments here, and while I may not give it another listen, that shouldn’t stop you from doing so. If you enjoy Melodic Metal with a blackened edge, you will like “Rebirth of the Old” by NIGHT CROWNED.

Production: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 6
Songwriting: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Born of the Flickering
2. Rex Tenebrae (feat. Christian Älvestam - English Version)
3. Shackled (Fjättrad English Version)
4. A Fate Sealed In The Grave (Ett Gravfäst Öde - English Version)
K. Romlin – Vocals
J. Jaloma – Drums
J. Eskilsson – Lead Guitar
H. Liljesand – Bass, Guitar, Keys
Record Label: Noble Demon Records


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