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Night Laser - Fight For The Night

Night Laser
Fight For The Night
by Lisa Wirries at 03 July 2014, 6:48 PM

 “A Travel Through Time – Back to the 80’s”

Already after listening to the first song, you are going to know what “Fight For the Night”, the debut-album of NIGHT LASER, a Glam-Metal-Band from Braunschweig, is. The whole album reminds of a time travel back to the 80th. Glam-Metal in it's essence: hedonism, guitars and hairspray!

And exactly that is what listeners receive from “Fight For The Night”: classic Rock-songs focused on the main instrument of Metal, the guitar. There is not a single song that does not have a guitar solo; no song, in which the guitar does not dominate most of the song. This does not have to be a bad thing: most of the time the typical soli are catchy! Unfortunately this is not the case for other parts of the album. In the 80’s Glam-Metal was part of a rebellion, it was a new and exciting genre. Some compositional details got lost and the atmosphere was set as the main element. Questionable is, whether this is still enough for today's music or whether today's audience demands more than a selection of mediocre old-school songs of a garage-band without deep impact and whether this can still be a good album concept in the modern music business.

Exactly that was my first impression. In most parts the album is simply boring, because all songs sound nearly like the previous one. Since the album does not have a deep story, I at least expect to be entertained by the music, unfortunately was this not achieved by NIGHT LASER. The vocal lines are rather dull in comparison to the instrumental parts. Neither are the single extreme high vocals not able to save the album, the singer does not really know how to work with low vocals and tries to sing against his band mates.

In my opinion the best songs are 2, 5, 7 and 10, because they show some difference and dynamic within the album, but at the same time they make up the recognizable part of the album. But even in these songs the quality is decreased by the vocals, which do not reach their full potential.

All in all the album seems to be simple, I do not want to devalue this; for fans of old-school Rock this may be the main characteristic of a good album, for myself this just is not enough.

It is Glam Metal and exactly that is the essence of the album – nothing less, but also nothing more.

2 Star Rating

1 Heaven Is Hell
2 Trouble – In the Neighborhood
3 Key to Madness
4 Timekiller
5 Burning Money
6 Fight For the Night
7 Feels So Wrong
8 Party On
9 Dirty Dollars
10 On My Own
11 Wrecked
12 Promised Land
13 Hear My Guitar
Benno - Vocals
Hannes - Guitar, Vocals
Robert - Bass, Vocals
Julian - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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