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Night Prowler - No Escape

Night Prowler
No Escape
by Jordan Rogers at 18 February 2021, 5:37 AM

NIGHT PROWLER is coming at us with a re-release of their debut album from 2018. Within you will find the easy listening sounds of 80’s metal pleasing your ear drums. NO ESCAPE will not bring you any new sounds per se, hell if you were unaware of them being a newer band you may just think you were listening to a vintage album, which I feel is exactly what NIGHT PROWLER was shooting for with this album. With a well written and great sounding rendition of 80’s rock they will not disappoint you in that is something that you are into.

The first track we have on the album is “Runner 97T”, and it manages to start us off with a nice instrumental full of those old metal sounds we all know and love. Some wailing guitar, some soothing sounds, and that nice peaceful feel of what 80’s rock was. Following up we are thrown into the fast paced song “Make it Real”. Power in the voice, rhythm in the music, this song showcases just how good these guys do at encapsulating the sound they are going for. There is also a classic guitar solo hidden in there that will surely take you back! Fast paced and screeching, it will blow your mind.

Up next in our review we will examine the track “Out in the Streets”. Here we are brought in with a very powerful and heavy intro that is led by a smashing guitar. Once we are opened up into the lyrics we are hit with a heavy and powerful analogy right off the bat. This song holds the same power that you witness in the intro throughout and drives the message behind it into you with the sheer musical talent that this group holds. Bringing in yet another powerful guitar solo that is fast paced and heavy. This song surely brings out all the stops and reigns this band into one of my top rated 80’s heavy metal groups.

Continuing on we get to “Burning Desire” which is another great addition to this album. A solid intro leading into a masterpiece of music, almost making it seem as if you have fallen back in time to when it was the 80’s and this music would have simply just been called heavy metal. If you are someone who goes out of their way to look for those older sounds then you have come to the exact place that you need to be. NIGHT PROWLER has everything that you never knew you were looking for.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 6

4 Star Rating

1. Runner 97T
2. Make it Real
3. Never Surrender
4. Night Prowler
5. Out in the Streets
6. The Witches Curse
7. Love Hard Girls
8. Burning Desire
9. No Escape
10. Stranger
Gabriel Teixeira - Bass
Victor Oliveria - Drums
Igor Senna - Guitar
Luke D. Couto - Guitar
Fernando Donasi - Vocals
Record Label: Dying Victims Productions


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Edited 07 December 2022

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