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Night To Die - Non Omnis Moriar Award winner

Night To Die
Non Omnis Moriar
by Yassine "Spiritcrusher" Mankai at 09 May 2013, 11:21 AM

There are many Metal bands that have not had the opportunity to show their talents and creativity to the world. This is the case of "Night To Die", which unfortunately plunged into an icy air for years. And guess what? This Spanish band of Folk /  Death Metal could be one of the major global metal scenes. And the good news these days is that the group found its activity with the rerelease of their old material to open a new stage of creation, and you'll see in the rest of the review that this is not a simple Death Metal band…

The new opus, comes in a package that includes a reissue of two demos "Who I'll Never Know" in 1995, "At Fireland depths" in 1997, and an EP in 1999, "All Evil Crying", the CD's' entitled "Non Omnis Moriar" and released under the label "Xtreem Music". "Night to Die" plays a 90s old school Death Metal in the manner of the Giant "Death" or also "Atheist", but with a melodic touch extracted directly from Andalusian culture, comes to add personality to all the pieces, listen for example to, "The Storm Is Coming" or "Deeply Asleep". So the geographical context was a reason to merge the Flamenco with Metal. The attitude of the compositions was richly spiced with unexpected arrangements that coming out of the rule of verse-chorus.

The musical maturity and the technical determination of the members of this group, is something remarkable from the first minute you listen to them. In fact, riffs on the guitars are very technical and refined, without forgetting the Flamenco passages. Bass guitar for me is the most worked instrument in terms of technicality and perfection, because it can be easily distinguished. And in the majority of the tracks the Bass don’t obey to the guitars and follows its own path. The playing on the drums does not go very far from the progressive tendencies adopted by the quartet, it's really complex parts, but very perfectly mastered to preserve the charm of the songs. The vocals are very variable, mostly growling in the way of Chuck Schuldiner (R.I.P), but you can also find clear voices in the manner of flamenco singers, and it was something that impressed me a lot.

The production is of course dated, since 1995 for the first demo for example. But that did not prevented from having a very good sound, just perfect for the context of style. It must go through all the pieces to notice that the recording quality was very homogeneous for all.

I spent a very good time listening to the integrality of "No Omnis Moria" From beginning to end; I was really a guest of honor at a wedding among Flamenco and Death Metal.

4 Star Rating

"All Evil Crying" \[MCD'99]
1. Childhood Memories
2. A Piece of Soul
3. The Storm is Coming

“At Fireland Depths” \[Demo'97]
4. Deeply Asleep
5. Autumn
6. Lust
7. Allegorical Immolations
8. Fly Yourself Without me

”Who I'll Never Know” \[Demo'95]
9. We'll All Be Burnt Alive
10. Into the Eye
11. The Scythe
12. Who I'll Never Know
Alejandro Cuiñas - Bass
Juanma Quintero - Drums
Francisco Rey - Guitars
Daniel Gonzalez - Vocals, Guitars
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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