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Nightfall - At Night We Prey Award winner

At Night We Prey
by Kevin Lewis at 11 April 2021, 6:03 PM

NIGHTFALL is a Greek band formed in 1991 that is considered one of the pioneers of the Mediterranean Extreme Metal scene. "At Night We Prey" is the bands tenth full-length album and their first in seven years. Running a little over forty-six minutes, this is ten brutal songs that re-establish NIGHTFALL as a giant on the scene. The new record was released March 5, 2021 via Season Of Mist Records.

The record begins with the haunting “She Loved The Twilight”. This is a quick instrumental to set the mood and build anticipation. Ramping up at the end to lead into “Killing Moon,” the stage was properly set. The melodic riff the song builds on is excellent. The transition to the main portion of the song is well executed and really shows good musicianship and compositional skill.

Darkness Forever” is next and continues a trend of lightning-fast rhythms and rapid-fire guitars. The blast beats and the chugging bass power the song forward and drive the point home. Their lyrics and tones are angry and need power and speed to demonstrate their fury. Parts of this song have an undertone, not sure if it’s a keyboard or just layered guitar work, but either way, it really beefs the song up and makes it sound more ominous, just the way it should.

Next is a slow burn of a song called “Witches”. The main riff is slow and lumbering, but the fills are frenetic and chaotic, packing more of a punch. The guitar tones and the slower tempo really highlight a different skill set for the band. While the song does have the requisite high-speed rhythm, the slow parts are just oozing, doom-laden goodness. “Giants Of Anger” follows this pattern and again shows the depth of this band.

My favorite track on the record is the sludgy “Martyrs Of The Cult Of The Dead (Agita)”. That guitar riff just grabs me and holds my ear. The female vocals laced in again adds a depth to the song that really enhances the overall ambience, giving it a really dark feel. It is that one song that really draws me in with the selection of tones and layers of music. The drums and bass use some really nice variable rhythms and fills the round the song out. This is the what I consider the best example of what NIGHTFALL can do.

Rounding out the album, we have the title track, a song that begins with a nice combination of shifting guitar patterns. It builds slowly, drops off nicely at the bridge, then ramps back up and finishes strong. “Wolves In Thy Head” is another Doom-laden song that just slowly grinds through, leaving you wearing a big smile at the end.

This is a really good return for a band that has accomplished much in their 30 years. The songs are well written, well performed bodies of work. The guitarists are obviously very comfortable with each other, taking their cues at the right times and interacting well. The bass and drums are a tight unit that can surge out front or lurk underneath. The vocals fit the music and sound in control.

The production is excellent, everything is well balanced in the mix and mastering. The album is coherent and feels like it flows well. The songs don’t feel like they were slapped together in some random order. This is a well-thought-out record from start to finish. This is one of the bands that defines the Greek Metal scene and shows why they matter in the Metal world.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  8
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. She Loved the Twilight
2. Killing Moon
3. Darkness Forever
4. Witches
5. Giants of Anger
6. Temenos
7. Meteor Gods
8. Martyrs of the Cult of the Dead (Agita)
9. At Night We Prey
10. Wolves in Thy Head
Efthimis Karadimas – Bass/Vocals
Fotis Benardo – Drums
Mike Galiatsos – Guitar
Kostas Kyriakopoulos – Guitar
Record Label: Season of Mist


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