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Nightfall - Lyssa - Rural Gods And Astonishing Punishments (CD)

Lyssa - Rural Gods And Astonishing Punishments
by Panagiotis Koutsompogeras at 28 December 2004, 4:28 PM

The Athenian semi-Gods of occult Metal mysticism, the Army Of The Chosen Ones - as referred to in their site - are back and they are ready enough to launch their furious attack or Lyssa  (in Greek) uppon the thousands of innocent pair of ears that await them! The album was mixed at the infamous Tico- Tico studio in Finland, which gives an atmosphere of extra quality to this CD. The main source of inspiration in this compilation is the agony and the emptiness of the so-called modern life, as well as other challenges people have to face in their everyday lives!
The album is more intense than its predecessors but also carries the Nightfall history one step beyond. Heavier than Metal, darker and more poetic than Gothic, this sick release is a magnificent soundtrack for a cerebral trip in the agony of our Times, as the press release states. Fast double bass kicking mixed with aggressive rhythm guitars, dark, gothic-like lead melodies (typical Nightfall style) and oriental elements here and there.  Elements of mysticism and oriental melodies (especially Phrygian or Phrygian dominant scales) are also very diffuse!
This indeed offers an atmosphere of attraction to the listener and accompanies him to the Dark Red Skies where Efthimis Inc. has decided to lead us! The fact that the band consists mostly of young, inspired musicians is a kick in the testicles for the Nightfall Monster to run faster towards the Metal future! A Paradise Lost  touch especially of the Draconian Times/Icon era is also evident here, but certainly assimilated through a Nighfall filter! One can find fragments from their Lesbian Show/Athenian echoes dayz but with a more modern approach in the sound and song-writing! If these guys were from Germany or Sweden they would have received a better recognition - and this doesn't mean that they aren't already extra well known ! - but diz iz Greeze  my friendz! In other words if the song Diva from their previous work or Dark Red Skies from this album were recorded by Paradise Lost for example they would now compete with Evanescence and other stuff!
It is also worthwile to mention that drummer George Kollias has been recruited by the Mega Death Metal Band of Nile to serve as their high priest of their rhythm backbone! Well done my friend! May the wisdom of Ancient Egypt always guide your moves and may we all again see Nightfall  perform live and devastate, soon enough!

3 Star Rating

Dark Red Skies
Master Of My Dreams
The Perfect Li(f)e
The End Times
One Of These Days
So(u)l Invictus
Efthimis Karadimas - Bass & Vocals
George Bokos - Guitars
Bob Gatsionis - Guitars & Keyboards
George Kollias - Drums
Record Label: Black Lotus Records


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