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Nightmare - The Burden Of God Award winner

The Burden Of God
by Kostya Aronberg at 10 May 2012, 7:23 PM

When I first received the CD I was quite impressed by the artwork. It's really good job and I think the artwork plays a very important role in an album in general and this one is no different. After all, when Metalheads go to Metal shops, they want to buy something that will grab their attention. Each band should be unique on the artwork of their albums, because there will be about a fraction of a second to draw one's eyes. That same attention should grab a buyer that will pay for the album itself. I think that NIGHTMARE did it really good!

Now, after being done with the artwork, let's focus on the material. The album begins with a very interesting intro ("Gateways To The Void") which somehow reminds me of the French style. I don't know how I can explain this orchestra theme, but I will just say that even if you are going to give me this intro without telling me that the band from France, right away I will understand that they are French. Without giving our ears even one second of peace the second song comes in. Its name is "Sunrise In Hell" and I think every Metalhead that loves 80's Heavy Metal is going to like it. The guitars are really good, the drums work perfectly and the singer (Joe) is amazing. His voice reminds me of Ronnie James Dio. This album came to me just in time because it was almost 2 years without him. And this singer reminds me him in the "Mob Rules" era.
The next song "The Burden Of God" is very enjoyable Heavy / Power Metal tune with great drum solo, guitars that hold the song in the highest level, and of course the vocals doing the most amazing work (and the lyrics too). Another really good song is "Children Of The Nation" which I think one of the best songs on the album. But hey everything is perfect around here. There just can't be more perfect song to end the album like "Afterlife".

As in previous occurrences, this is album suggests that the band is really professional. It is simply a very accessible and highly enjoyable Metal album from a respected band that has been around for about thirty years. Usually after 30 years the musicians start to lose it and every time we read an interview with some great Rock star, in which the reporters ask him about the band's best album that was released long time ago. They all answer the same: "We were young…". But now NIGHTMARE! I think every album is better than the other, so I guess the guys can never actually say that "we were young" phrase I guess…

5 Star Rating

1. Gateways To The Void
2. Sunrise In Hell
3. The Burden Of God
4. Crimson Empire
5. Children Of The Nation
6. The Preacher
7. Shattered Hearts
8. The Doomsday Prediction
9. The Dominion Gate (part III)
10. Final Outcome
11. Afterlife 
Franck Milleliri- Guitars
David Amore- Drums & Machines
Jo Amore- Lead Vocals
Yves Campion- Bass & vocals
Matt Asselberghs- Guitars
Record Label: AFM Records


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