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Nights! Nights! - Clouded Mind, Clear As Day

Nights! Nights!
Clouded Mind, Clear As Day
by Isha Shah at 14 February 2015, 4:29 PM

A high shred of mystery lies within the trio of members that make up NIGHTS! NIGHTS! with their first EP, titled “Clouded Mind, Clear As Day”. The experiential rock band from Sweden are no strangers to the dominate instrumental music which they produce, leaving behind any vocal coverage, they substitute this standard voice with power filled emotion that elope its own narrative.

From hiding in a cramp cave in the middle of nowhere, NIGHTS! NIGHTS! are a band who keep their music quiet, as it was a challenge itself to find out who they even were. This sense of secrecy is what adds to their unique sound that could easily be placed on a movie soundtrack or the O.C mix-tape collection. From the two years of being a band, the gang have done well for themselves in releasing a two-tracked EP that gives just enough information out, for you to be yearning for more.

“Searching For Borealis” is a track that can amount for three, with its outrageously strained length of ten minutes; the amount of detail that it holds certainty does regain its self. Like most instrumentals the calm easing breath draws you in at first, slowly settling down its path for you to become familiar to. This gentle brush stroke builds up like a paining in progress, at each stage layering up on looped guitar strums and intricate details with a finer point.  The light bashes of the percussion drums are faintly heard as booster to their trailing sound that picks up the pace around four minutes into the track.

With the short track ending the EP, “Another Sunset Lost” closes the bands work with THE XX influenced utterance. Higher in pitch, the song takes you on a pleasant trip with the elevated hitting notes plucked, the stringed family are underlined here.

As far as I am aware, this band have hit the nail on the donkey with their sound, they know exactly what to do and how to tease your ears at the right times and do not hold back. With just two tracks your ears are left begging for more.

4 Star Rating

1. Searching For Borealis
2. Another Sunset Lost
Jonas Hallén
Martin Bäckius
Anton Berglund
Record Label: Shunu Records


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