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Nightsatan - Nightsatan And The Loops Of Doom

Nightsatan And The Loops Of Doom
by Andrew Sifari at 27 June 2014, 5:39 PM

“Nightsatan And The Loops Of Doom” is the second album from Finnish three-piece NIGHTSATAN. Unlike typical Metal music, Synthesizers are the currency of the realm rather than guitars, which appear sporadically, with almost zero vocals to speak of. What makes this album Metal is not the instruments used but the overall concept and approach to the crafting of each song.

The album itself is the soundtrack to an Italian-language short-film of the same name, where the three band members embark on an adventure (of sorts) set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland sometime in the future. The film features cyborgs, violence, cannibalism, sex, and a convoluted yet entertaining plot focused around the band’s music, which is their key to survival against the main antagonists and their own, evil sonic loops.  The film, however, is more of an accompanying piece to the music, since the album’s length exceeds it by about 20 minutes.
Opener “Lost Karelia” is a soft, airy track that conveys a sense vastness and intrigue with its delicate melodies. “(Obey) Thy Master” starts off much the same way but with more of a positive vibe than the previous song. The pace quickens about halfway through, and the combination with the spacy, emphatic melodies makes for an intense, engaging listen. After the eerie “Of Wolf And Rami” and “Theme From Loops Of Doom” comes “Secret Of The Mystery”. The song’s deliberate pacing and spellbinding, ethereal melodies are simply stunning, and the accompanying electric guitar harmonies only add to its powerful ambience.

“Doom Doom Girl” has a kind of strange, desolate feel that contrasts the former nicely. “Nightmare In The Night    Doomsday Judgment” starts off ominously before switching to something more up-tempo and techno. “Battle Knights” is a decent song that sounds like something that would play during a level of an old Mega Man or Sonic videogame. Near the end of the album comes the sprawling “Rejects Of The Wasteland”, a multi-sectioned epic that builds up from its doomy intro to its climactic and energetic conclusion.

“Nightsatan And The Loops Of Doom” might not seem Metal in appearance, but the dark, otherworldly ambience and moody, dramatic musical approach give it a heaviness different from the kind achieved through conventional Metal methods. The album is full of infectious, hypnotic synth melodies, and never feels like it carries on for too long needlessly. While it might be outside of the average Metal fan’s comfort zone, it’s still a highly listenable, rewarding record if approached with an open mind.

3 Star Rating

1. Lost Karelia
2. (Obey) Thy Master
3. Of Wolf And Rami
4. Theme From Loops Of Doom
5. Secret Of The Mystery
6. Doom Doom Girl
7. Nightmare In The Night    Doomsday Judgment
8. Enter The Loop
9. Mazathoth Speaks
10. Battle Knights
11. Inhalator II Love Theme
12. Rejects Of The Wasteland
13. Echo Of A Dying World
14. Loops Of Doom End Credits
Inhalator II – Drums
Wolf Rami - Synthesizers
Mazathoth - Synthesizers
Record Label: Svart Records


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